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Narconon Fresh Start – Live a Blessed Life

Narconon Fresh Start – Live a Blessed Life

Drug abuse is one of the most common problems of the twenty-first century. This menacing problem has the potential of destroying millions of lives annually, but luckily programs such as Narconon Fresh Start are doing a brilliant job in bringing down the numbers. Narconon Fresh Start is a successfully running rehabilitation program that has been designed to help patients recover from drug abuse as manifested by Narconon Fresh Start reviews. This program also focuses towards reestablishing the lives of its patients by reintroducing them into the society and helping them stand on their own feet.

Secret to Narconon Fresh Start’s success
There are countless drug rehabilitation programs available in the market, but what makes Narconon Fresh Start so special is its success rate. Nowadays, many drug rehab program are just scams and since the monitoring bodies are unable to properly distinguish between a successful and fraudulent program, it is advised to read people’s comments on the authenticity of a rehab program. Narconon Fresh Start reviews will be enormously helpful in this regard.

Narconon Fresh Start has been able to change the lives of thousands of people. It’s interactive, well thought out plan and its diligently-supervised stages make sure that each patient receives proper attention. Narconon Fresh Start is such a successful program that it even offers aftercare treatment without charging any additional fees.

Narconon Fresh Start’s unique detoxification approach
Narconon Fresh Start adopts a radical system of detoxification which helps get rid of drugs residuals from the addicts’ bodies. Prolonged drug abuse often leaves behind its molecules in various parts of our body. They are also stored in fatty molecules in the body. These stray molecules are targeted through natural processes until all systems are thoroughly cleansed.

After the first round of cleansing, special Sauna treatments and various detoxification methods are used to completely cleanse the body of drugs. The detoxification increases the body’s craving for drugs. Intense therapies, which include restraint classes and physical and mental rehabilitation programs, are introduced to the patients. The ultimate positive impact of the educational courses is much praised in Narconon Fresh Start reviews.

Specially designed courses of Narconon Fresh Start
Narconon Fresh Start teaches its patients self-control and self-reliability. It offers life skill courses that are essential for clients to learn in order to successfully settle down in a society. There are also programs that help patients acquire jobs after their program is completed. Self-control related courses teach patients how to remain in control in case the client is confronted with the triggering cause of their drug abuse.

During the four to six month period of rehabilitation, a client will go through courses such as Communication Skills, Personal Values, Integrity, Changing Conditions in Life, etc. The clients have to pass through each course before they are cleared for graduation.

Graduating from Narconon Fresh Start means that a client has cleared all courses and is ready to be reintroduced to the community as a healthy and contributing member of the society. The courses and treatment offered at Narconon Fresh Start successfully change its clients into a better being. It is quite rare but in case a client experiences a relapse within the following six months of graduation, Narconon Fresh Start welcomes the client back, free of any cost.

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Devoted to Save Substance Abusers from Destroying Their Lives

Narconon Fresh Start
Devoted to Save Substance Abusers from Destroying Their Lives

Narconon Fresh Start has a remarkable history of saving individuals and their families from destruction. The love and care provided at Narconon rehab facilities make them the most desirable places to get rid of drugs. With the help of unique rehab techniques and full focus on the root causes of drug addiction, Narconon ensures an incredible success rate of 76%. The success rate proves Narconon worth-appreciating endeavor that have great promises of recovery for the hopeless addicts.

Treatment at its best
Narconon Fresh Start reviews clearly mention the high standards that Narconon maintains and the level of treatment that it provides. The professionals at Narconon rehab facilities never compromise on the quality of treatment of their clients whom they call students instead of labelling them as addicts. Thus once the drug or alcohol dependent gets enrolled with any of Narconon center, he or she is no more an addict.

The journey to overcome addiction is not simply abandoning drugs but Narconon Fresh Start Reviews clearly illustrate that it is a complete package to build confidence, regain good character and lift up your personality. Narconon offers several personality enhancement courses which begin and end in a specific order. These courses are designed to improve the psychological and moral aspects of clients’ personalities.

Getting rid of drugs can sometimes be quiet painful and requires a lot of care, Narconon provides its students with the best medication possible to overcome such difficulties. The new life detoxification program is a whole new method that helps the Narconon students to obtain absolute freedom from drugs. It helps to remove the remains of drugs left in the bodies of the addicts successfully without the use of medicine.

Benefits of Narconon Rehab Courses
Along with drug withdrawal, there are various programs offered by Narconon Fresh Start to bring the clients back to normal life. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews show the potential and the hard work with which the Narconon professionals try to meet the highest rehab standards. For an instance, the communication course is designed to help the students interact in a better way and in the best environment possible. Most of the clients find it hard to articulate their problems and personal issues that influence them psychologically and knock them into depressions. Moreover the drug abuse also affects their skills of communication and most of them get reserved and feel scared while mixing with people. Learning communicative skills benefit a lot to the clients and they feel encouraged to talk about their problems and seek the best guidance from Narconon professionals. The enormous advantage has been immensely appreciated by the rehabilitated clients in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.

There are a number of other valuable courses that have gained immense praise in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews by the people who successfully withdrew themselves from drugs with the help of Narconon methodology. 

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Narconon Fresh Start: Helping Substance Abusers to Get Freedom from Addiction

Narconon Fresh Start: Helping Substance Abusers to Get Freedom from Addiction

Narconon Fresh Start is just the right place where the drug addict wants to be. It serves the same purpose as a tiny light at the end of a dark tunnel, which is hope. Getting rid of the harmful drugs is just one side of the picture but Narconon Fresh Start reviews explain that the program is a complete package which not only provides a drug free life but also helps to lift up your personality. It gives a new meaning to your life and boosts your energy.

How to achieve freedom from alcohol and drugs?

The word freedom is very important to understand. Here at Narconon, freedom has an entire different meaning. Achieving the drug free mile stone is nothing close to freedom, but here freedom is spending a productive and firm life. A life where you gain full control of your self is freedom.

One on the biggest worries of the members at our rehab is the thought of shifting back on drugs, but our trained staff has found a solution to this problem as well. The drug metabolites are the vital cause of this problem. So there are certain medical directives that one should take for avoiding these dreadful situations. We have also designed a review program which tends to be as good as icing on the cake. In the review program our experts go through all you course history and check weather something remarkable has been achieved yet or not. Making plans for your future and a deep study on the causes of your drug use is an essential part of this program. 

Personality Development Courses

Narconon Fresh Start offers an extensive range of courses which are unique and yet very effective. Taking these courses seriously and becoming the graduate from Narconon helps you gain freedom forever. There is a course designed to deal with the issues which lead to taking drugs in the first place. Ups and downs are a vital part of our life but we should always be strong enough to deal with them at the right time and save our self from losing control of our emotions. This course gives you the power of choosing between the social and anti social elements in our society. Narconon Fresh Start reviews have appreciated the course and its ultimate benefits a lot. Through learning improvement and communication courses, the clients are given enough confidence to confront the challenging situations in our lives and making tough but right choices for ourselves. This course helps to achieve the vital goal of gaining self-control.

Narconon is just another home for our beloved students. The people who recovered from addiction at Narconon facilities have expressed their appreciation and approval from the program in Narconon Fresh Start reviews. Getting rid of drugs and start a new life is not as difficult as it is pictured by some people.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Narconon's Promise: Comeback from Drug Abuse is Possible!

Narconon's Promise: Comeback from Drug Abuse is possible!

Crusade against addiction: Narconon’s physical rehab

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program utilizes no drugs in its fight against addiction. Narconon strongly believes that you cannot fight drugs with more drugs and replace an addiction with another addiction. Narconon’s primary drug rehab program is based around the holy trinity of exercise, nutrition and sauna therapy. The prime purpose of these activities is to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight off addiction while at the same time flushing drugs out of the system.

Exercise and nutrition go a long way to making the body physically stronger, fitter and tougher. They also help to burn off fatty cells in the body. Fat cells store the residuals of drugs inside them and when they are burned, these drugs are released into the body causing strong craving sensations. If these drug residuals are gotten rid of, it results in a sharp decrease in cravings for drugs after your stop taking drugs. This is where the Sauna comes in. The Sauna is the prime fighting tool used to flush drugs out of the body.

Narconon’s Mental Therapy

The reason why Narconon Fresh Start has remained so successful is its incorporation of a holistic approach to drug addiction program. This means involving cognitive techniques as well. Narconon Fresh Start teaches its clients communication skills, awareness skills and life skills which help them communicated with others and the environment, be aware of their behavior and control it better and improve their ability to succeed in life which helps combat drug dependency. This mental therapy is what has been ignored in so many other drug-based rehab programs which last only three to seven days and are only focused on detoxification of the body.

At Narconon, we believe that physical detoxification is helpful to reduce cravings and we have our own procedure for that, but the true success of Narconon lies in the accompanying mental therapy program which has been outlined above. Without this program it would be impossible for our patients to maintain their drug-free status in the outside world. Our graduates are thoroughly satisfied with the treatment they obtained at Narconon facilities as it is shown in their note of thanks in Narconon Fresh Start reviews.

The fight against drugs and addiction continues
Narconon Fresh Start has continued the fight against drugs since its inception and is constantly evolving and incorporating new, modern techniques which enhance its ability to combat drug addiction well into the 21st century. If you or someone you know suffers from drug addiction, sign up now for the most advanced, modern and effective drug rehab program. The clients are treated individually in the background of their specific backgrounds hence there no Narconon Fresh Start complaints on the method of treatment.

 The sooner you start, the easier it will be to break your addiction. You should remember that Narconon is happy to give all its patients a written guarantee of the program’s success and patients suffering a relapse three to six months after graduation are welcome to rejoin our program for free. At Narconon we care for each and every one of our patients and your successful rehab is our top priority.

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Reasons to Trust Narconon’s Power

Reasons to Trust Narconon’s Power
The problems of modern world communities and backward communities are not very much common in today’s era. However, there are some social problems and harming issues that are jointly faced by the elite and mediocre life living societies. One of these issues is that of ever increasing drug addiction in all world communities and societies alike. The drugs have become more and more powerful and concentrated which is the prime reason why drug addiction and cravings have become severe too. Although good initiatives are carried out on a massive scale now to deal with the issue and cure more patients but this all is not still working wonders for the society.

However, the results achieved by these initiatives are not very effective and the success rate has never gone up to a satisfactory level. This is the major reason why the patients, families and media do not consider the drug rehabilitation programs as super effective but only small helpers in dealing with the issue in a sustainable manner. However, Narconon Fresh Start is an excellent program that has been around for more than 4 decades and has produced groundbreaking results in achieving success. The success rate of program is 76% which is why the families and patients highly regard and trust the program for its wide range and acceptability. Here are some of the factors leading to the greatness of results achieved:

1. Drug Free Treatment
The Narconon Fresh Start program rests on the philosophy of treating the patients in a drug free manner. No drugs and medicines are used to treat the addicts, which is the main source of achieving a high success rate and wide range of acceptability. The use of no drugs but vitamins, supplements and healthy diet plans makes this an excellent choice for the patients of all ages and health conditions. The patients are effectively monitored for their health issues and problems, and afterwards they are helped with good ways of treating them. Some of the drugs free withdrawal activities include use of Jacuzzi, swimming, health centers and jogging tracks to keep the patients fit.

Moreover, sauna therapy is provided to quicken the process of residual elimination and expulsion from the vital body organs of addict. The detoxification specialists are used to make sure that the withdrawal is as easy and pain free as possible for the patients’ ease. The specific nutritional compounds are used to treat the addiction and replenishment of vital minerals and vitamins.

2. Life Skills Courses
Narconon Fresh Start program does not only focus on the physical aspects of addiction but also provides effective tutoring and guidance on other matters as well. A unique and well planned series of life skills courses is used to treat the inner learning abilities and behavioral considerations. The courses are mainly planned and designed to bring into limelight the problems faced by patients and solving them through modifications in a person’s behavior towards the problem. Supervisors and experts keep a keen view of all the aspects of a person’s treatment and make recommendations on courses that he must take.

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Why Narconon Fresh Start is Your Best Option?

Why Narconon Fresh Start is Your Best Option?

Drug treatment for addicted persons is one of the most well known and pressing problems of modern day societies. The problem does not only span to the more affluent communities but also has found its roots in the backward communities. There is also a general belief that the drug treatment programs are largely composed of fake and hoax activities and facilities that are enlisted by the program authorities but never provided. In the long run the problem is faced by the world communities but not properly rectified either by the patients’ families or independent treatment authorities. This has called for coherent and concrete solutions of the problem where the patients could be treated in an overall manner. 

The problem has been burdening one on the patients and their families but the Narconon Fresh Start is one of best reputed programs in this regard. The patients are taught to not only cure themselves physically by providing all the healthy facilities but are also provided with mentally curing lessons to deal with the issue. Many other programs although exist but are only centered on the possibility of curing the addiction at the surface level without dealing with the real depth issues. Here are some of the excellent courses offered to these patients as part of the program:

1. Cognitive Behavior and Modification Therapy
The Narconon Fresh Start program incorporates various cognitive behavior and modification therapies for the purpose of ensuring the success of patients in achieving a healthy mindset. The counseling techniques are abundantly used for the purpose of enabling the patients to think in the big picture rather than limiting themselves. The life skills courses are adopted to give the essential traits of good living to these patients. Moreover, the sense of realizations and personal problem solving are added through the modification therapies. The patients can then achieve lasting sobriety. The patients are taught essential trait of being honest and taking the responsibilities of all their past actions in a graceful manner. The graduating patients thus become better human beings and are allowed to approach the life issues in a much convenient manner. 

2. Social Interactions
The patients are provided with adequate opportunities of socializing and making a life that is filled with friends. It is because the Narconon Fresh Start program philosophy pays much attention to the social life of patients and empowering them to make good friends who can help the patients share their sorrows rather than falling into the addiction pitfall. The social interaction between patients also makes them good friends and they can learn by each others’ experiences in the long run. The patients also learn the team work by taking part in the healthy and friendly atmosphere enhancing activities.

Get A Fresh Start With Narconon’s Rehab Formula

Get a fresh start with Narconon’s Rehab Formula

The existing approaches and philosophies of drug addiction are not very much successful and have considerable problems associated with them. It is the reason why patients have to get through the problems related to addiction in an extreme and adverse manner. The drug rehabilitation centers have not gained considerable benefits because of the fact that they are not actually following a holistic plan. They mostly aim at treating the physical aspects of a human addict by stopping him, giving him chemical drugs to keep away from the problems temporarily, etc. But they do not treat the inner cravings and mental dissatisfaction of a patient that lead him to this place in life.

Various formulas and drug rehabilitation strategies have been adopted over the years but those considered successful are very few in numbers. One of the best drug rehabilitation formulas and philosophy based approach is known as the Narconon Fresh Start program that aims at dealing with all the relevant issues of drug addiction. The reason why it is of such great importance has its roots in powerful and unique drug free treatment philosophy. The patients are allowed to get back to their normal lives without forcing them at all and providing them an enabling environment to cure themselves physically and mentally. Here are some of the vital components of Narconon Fresh Start treatment formula:
Detoxification and Recovery

The detoxification of drug elements and substances from addicts’ bodies is made possible through the use of sauna therapy and other such methods. The use of vitamins and food supplements is made to purify and strengthen the human vital organs. The vital organs like, kidneys, heart, etc. are harmed by drug addiction and prolonged use of drugs. Vitamins actually help the detoxification process also and help the harmful substances to subside as the good minerals are filled in human addict body. The phenomenon has achieved great success as the patients find themselves gradually out of the addiction trouble without using any chemical drugs that have the possibility of causing side effects.

2.       Communication Course

The Narconon Fresh Start also has an effective communication course that is offered as part of the program. The course consists of various training routines that are intended to bring better communication skills from the human addicts. The drills are intense and provide maximum help in enabling the ability of socializing among the patients. The drug addicted patients are not able to communicate properly because of the bad company and scarcity of friends. The course helps them to achieve great advantages by helping the addicts communicate properly with the other humans. It is an important skill to have as the drug addicts would have to make new friends and socialize after they graduate from the program. Having good and normal friends would help them stay away from addiction because addiction cravings usually come up more when the patient is alone and not able to interact with others

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Narconon: The Best Answer to Substance Use

Narconon: The Best Answer to Substance Use
The problems of world communities are increasing with the changes in social structure, mafias’ emergence and various other factors. The drug mafias and drug rackets are now becoming very strong in various parts of the globe and due to their strength they are making production and provision of drugs much easier. As a result the society members can now obtain drugs at a really low cost and from many sources. This has increased the number of drug and alcohol addicts as the drugs get consumed.

The social structures have been damaged and irreversibly harmed in various households and families in all the continents. For searching out effective solution of this problem, Narconon Fresh Start program was initiated 45 years ago. The program has cured hundreds and thousands of patients from drug addiction and has 76% of success rate. The program is not only based on curing the physical problems but also targets the mental issues that may lead to will power and strength to fight against the addiction. Narconon Fresh Start follows a comprehensive rehab plan that aims at rehabilitating the clients individually, focusing their particular backgrounds and reason to go for drugs and alcohol.

1.    Learning Improvement Course

With the passage of time and due to prolonged drug addiction the human brain gets weak. The power of learning and understanding is thus negatively affected. The Narconon Fresh Start program hosts an excellent program to help the patients regain their learning capabilities. The patients are thus taught to learn and reason more effectively through drills and the personal issues are also targeted in this regard.

2.    Personal Values and Integrity Course

The course is intended to teach the students about taking responsibility of their past actions and making the future improvements. The burdens of guilt, regret and blame are thus tackled very effectively on a personal level. It is done to provide the patients with much needed peace of mind. As it is observed and reported in a number of studies, the past life grudges, breakups, loved ones lost, etc. are some of the major reasons why a human succumbs into the addiction habit in the first place. The moral values, integrity and personal ethics are thus taught to the patients so that they can overcome any problems and mental hitches and get on with the life. All this exercise is done to make the patients mentally stronger and more amenable to the recovery activities. The will power is thus improved manifolds by forgetting the personal problems and overcoming mental burdens.

3.    Life Skills Courses

The Narconon Fresh Start program also has an excellent set of life skills courses to educate the patients beyond personal problems and mental hitches. The various causes of problems are targeted directly and the vital skills and courses are offered to do this. Many supervisors oversee and give directions in the like skills courses that would improve the aspect of individual programs for everyone. All the patients are individually looked after and monitored for any problems and the courses that best fit their needs are offered to them.

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Fraudulent Schemes In The Name Of Drug Rehab

Fraudulent Schemes In The Name Of Drug Rehab
Drug rehabilitation is a one of the medical services provided to the masses that can prove to be both a blessing and a bane, given the number of fraudulent schemes and scams that have infiltrated this profession, which is why choosing a program that is right for you and best suited to your needs can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Some of the ways that these fake drug rehab centers are conning money from innocent participants are by billing them for unwanted tests or services or billing tests that haven’t even been carried out, like drug and urine screens to check for drug use. Then some companies have been known to misrepresent details of the services provided as well as their location and dates, and even wrongly reporting the results of the tests or other diagnostic procedures, or ordering unnecessary follow up drug and urine screens more often than required. Another avenue for corruption involves the unnecessary prescription of standard drugs including painkillers and anti-depressants.

Unbundling is a process by which some companies have been known to charge customers for a package deal that includes a number of procedures at a discounted rate, which when billed separately for each item can cost the participant more than three times the amount advertised.

Since the definition of Drug free remains quite ambivalent, it is potentially easy to promise a clean slate without mentioning the terms under which the promise is kept, thereby niftily hiding between the lines of fine print. Measuring progress in this regard is therefore quite subjective and whether the program expects its participants to keep attending as a measure of success, or being regular in taking their relevant medicine or even just completing the duration of the program, the arena is fraught with possibilities of skullduggery.

Some rehab programs with more long term goals in mind may consider the abstinence of the participant from drugs after graduating from the program and returning to their homes as a successful outcome, as it might be a psychologically traumatic struggle having to dissociate the memories of their drug abuse linked to their past lives. Even more objective analytical measure of success would be the return of the participant to their usual productive lives that once formed their everyday routine before they started using.

Narconon Fresh Start is a renowned non-profit drug rehabilitation program that has been in the business of delivering health care and treatment for the past forty years or so to the people who’ve fallen prey to the hazards of drug abuse. Narconon Fresh Start produces a 76 percent success rate and promises an all-natural, drug free withdrawal or course of detoxification and supplements it with high doses of vitamins and minerals. Narconon Fresh Start innovatively devised communication skill courses help the participant learn how to communicate well and to perceive situation happening in everyday life correctly and to deal with them, as well as teaching about the ups and downs in life and ultimately, finding your way to happiness. 

Drugs Rehab Scams - Asserting Foul Is Fair

Drugs Rehab Scams - Asserting Foul Is Fair
Drugs have always posed a major threat to the well-being of the society. Drugs tend to rupture the very roots of the society, posing damage to generations after generations. The use of drugs once thought normal, now is treated like a disease. A drug addict after all is not only indulges into self-destruction but also turns to crimes like theft, robbery, fraud and sometime murder too.

The use of drugs has stirred a great deal of despair and often leads the addicts to a pit hole from where return seems to be impossible. A lot of rehabilitation centers have been set up so as to help the addicts to come out of the deep pit hole. It is impossible for the addicts to leave drugs and come back to the normal life in a day. It requires time and patience. The process is slow but experience and qualified people might help the addicts in a way such that they become healthy and sober again.

There have been a lot of rehabilitation centers which have turned out to be nothing but scams, where the addicts are mistreated and led to more destruction. These scams are responsible for a lot embarrassment; the families of the addicts have to go through. The damage done is irreplaceable and often leads to the death of addicts. The scam rehabs have developed a mafia now, and many have even been involved in drug trafficking themselves. The condition is probably much worst then it seems on the surface. The families of the addicts lend money to these rehabs and they get nothing out of it, the addicts often do not shown any improvement rather plunge themselves into the drugs even more than before. The addicts are also put in dangerous surroundings where they might cause damage to themselves or the others around them. The scams are just not doing any good and worsening their condition even more.

However, the debate can’t end here. The fault also lies on the part of people who get victim to these false drug rehab centers. They should get themselves or their dear ones in those programs that have established their credibility in society. Narconon Fresh Start for an instance can be named among the most reliable rehab program that has earned prestige as a creditable nonprofit organization. The results produced by Narconon Fresh Start are also praiseworthy. Moreover Narconon Fresh Start has a considerable history of serving people dependent on drugs.

It is really important that whenever you go finding a rehab center do it in a way that you get to know every detail about it. Narconon Fresh Start publishes the detail of its programs on its website and you can check also the Narconon Fresh Start reviews page for your satisfaction that how its clients evaluate it. Doing research about the rehabilitation programs and the center it would save you a lot from the trouble later. The research would enable you tell the authentic rehab centers apart from the scams and would obviously lead to the healthier you. It is also important to go through the previous records and also contacting those who have went to the rehab center which you are considering, this might help you not to be a victim of any scam.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal

Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal
Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation program that focuses on the philosophy of ‘scientology’ presented by L. Ron. Hubbard, that focuses on the spiritual rehabilitation of an individual as the primary means of helping them. The philosophy proposes that the cravings of an addict are nothing more than the metabolites of the drugs taken earlier that have been stored within the body inside the fatty tissues, and are then released slowly to cause the symptoms of craving and addiction that become the bane of an addict’s existence.

While other drug rehabilitation programs focus more on the use of detoxifying procedures using modern drugs and techniques, Narconon Fresh Start advertises the use of exercise as the primary means of removing the toxic waste products from the body, and then following it up with vitamin and mineral supplements in a high dosage. Then there are specific training routines that aim to teach participants to exercise control over their addiction themselves so they can return to living their lives normally. 

Drug cure plans as a general however, have been the subject of much controversy and debate among the masses, particularly because the challenge is a difficult one; to identify and prove the efficacy of a particular treatment regimen and it’s supremacy over another, as well as establishing all the variables involved in the process of drug addiction, and then proposing a cure for each. The current knowledge about all these processes is not such that can be wholly supported by science, thus leaving immense room for these fake so called ‘drug cure plans’ to come in and work their ‘magic miracles’, ridding people of their drug addictions, once and for all.

They say if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Quite similar is the case with many of these rehabilitation programs that offer lifelong recovery in just two weeks or so, which in essence are often nothing more than just simple detoxification procedures. What is required in fact is so much more, since a detoxification alone is not the answer at all, but can even trigger near-fatal episodes for an addict that has become physically dependent on the drug for survival. Such procedures should be carried out under proper medical guidance and then followed up with specific regimens that aim to alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the participant, thus helping them on the road to recovery.

Narconon Fresh Start promises a new healthy and active life to its participants, and aiming at a renewed life, it pledges to deliver such standards of care and concern that are in the best interests of the suffering patient. The treatments and regimens may not yet be proven on paper, but hundreds worldwide have tried and benefited from Narconon Fresh Start program themselves as well as recommended it to others in need, as is proved by the success rate of more than 75 percent as well as positive acclaim for satisfied recovering individuals.

Narconon Fresh Start: A Durable Recovery Plan

Narconon Fresh Start: A Durable Recovery Plan
Drug addiction remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality all over the world, and is particularly on the rise in developing countries according to a recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. However, the United States still takes the lead in boasting the largest figures, with more than 600 Billion dollars being billed to the government in terms of crime, healthcare, and losses related to decreased work productivity.

Drug addiction includes all the various commodities liable to substance abuse, like alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, heroin, cocaine and the like, which can be grouped mainly into the category of Alcohol, tobacco and drugs, each costing the government about 200 Billion dollars a year. Alcohol abuse alone is responsible for 2.5 million deaths per annum, and makes up the primary form through which many young adults become trapped in the web of addiction. 

To cater to the demands of these suffering individuals, an increasing number of drug rehabilitation centers have sprung up during the past few years that aim to restore the health and well-being of these individuals by stripping them of their addictions. However, since drug rehabilitation is not an exact science, its treatment too varies from person to person, and thus provides a sort of loophole that is liable to abuse by some of these fake programs that are nothing more than a way to con money from the poor, helpless souls who turn to them in their time of need.

The strategies used by these fake programs vary from employing ‘detox’ routines as part of their treatment and claiming them to be wholly curative, administering herbal remedies that have no proven medicinal effects, shorter rehab programs that involve a ‘magic’ cure and guarantees that the person is now indeed free from all addiction.

Then certain programs also come under fire for employing the use of many vitamins and energy supplements that have yet to be approved by the concerned drug authorities as to their effectiveness in various treatment regimens.

Narconon Fresh Start is a unique drug rehabilitation program that has been the subject of much interest by the public, with mostly mixed reviews about the authenticity and the effectiveness of its treatment protocols. 

Narconon Fresh Start program boasts of a 76% success rate, while also offering a six month guarantee during which the person can return for free if they feel that they’re still having trouble coping with their addiction. A holistic approach that centers on the mind as well as the body is employed, and the participants of Narconon Fresh Start are provided many interesting courses and healthy activities that focus on providing an alternative path of interest for enjoyment other than spiraling down again and seeking refuge in drugs and alcohol.

When choosing a drug rehabilitation program, it is wise to consider the essentials that make up any good regimen, namely a qualified staff, a good environment, and accreditation by the local medical authorities, as well as the treatment options and regimens being offered.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rehab Scammers: Licensed to Play Mockery

Rehabilitation centers may easily be used as scamming facilities because their clients have two vital attributes, families with a wealthy background or good payment plans and vulnerable friends and family members, willing to do anything to find a cure. Another reason why rehabilitation centers manage to successfully scam people of all their money without much resistance is that, they are able to demand the payments beforehand without providing any proof or guarantee of a total recovery. Recovering a substance abuser is never a black and white procedure. The amount of money and time spent on the recovery of the patient depends upon the individual’s commitment towards getting better as well as the physical, emotional and psychological state, which is decided by the rehabilitation center. When rehab centers, have the liberty to make such powerful decisions based on such elusive factors, they gain the freedom to easily scam desperate people of their money, time and sanity.

Narconon Fresh Start Rehab scammers

Many such amenities do not solely run a scamming agenda; they disguise their true motive behind a fancy facility, a body of trained professionals and sometimes are even registered as a proper facility. Their real con starts moths after patient is submitted and settled into the program. They promise one thing but never deliver and provide a recovery schedule but never meet the deadlines. They use such tactics to keep the patient entangled with the program and without any concerns of the patient’s life they keep mounting the bill.

Rehabilitation facilities promising recovery is one thing, but coming up with fake products and short courses which promise a ‘cure’ is a whole other side to rehab scamming. Firstly, substance abuse is not an illness it is a lifestyle built upon bad decision making and unexplainable events. It is an addiction, it has to be fought and recovered from. There are herbal remedies and medicines available for curing drugs addiction. They might work for a little while, but drug intake is associated with an emotional and psychological trigger. An abuser cannot be recovered from the habit completely if the root cause is not eliminated. Another popular scam is promising a patient with drug recovery in as short as one to two weeks. Accepted, drug abuse is a downward spiraling path for any individual but taking shortcuts will only prolong the proper recovery time.  

Find a reliable facility like NarcononFresh Start. Narconon, a rehabilitation organization certified by CARF is not only a facility but an educational institution for abusers. Narconon Fresh Start is run by Mr. William Benitez, once a drug abuser himself, and managed by a body of authorized trained professionals. Narconon Fresh Start’s aim is not only to recover the patient from drug abuse but also to rehabilitate him/her into a respectable place in life.

Choose a facility which has years of experience and a well established platform worldwide. Narconon has fourty years of stories to tell. Find references to validate a centre before entrusting your loved with it and do not let your emotions and vulnerability get in the way of making the right choice.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Narconon Rehab Program - The Genuine Treatment for Drug Addiction

All praise to the philanthropist, who coined the idea of an institution which helps people recover from their addiction. Over the years several such institutions have been established. They market themselves as humanitarian missions, out to make the world a better place.  However one must be careful. A lot of these institutions falsely advertise and present their rehabilitation program as the only genuine treatment.

Such rehabilitation programs are in fact nothing but a scam. With facade of a prestigious reputation and via spurious advertising, they lure their clients who probably have already suffered at the hands of society and another at such institutions. Addicts and their loved ones, become so disgruntled with their present predicament that they want the fastest possible solution. Scam rehab programs exploit this dilemma of the addicts. They precisely focus on marketing a short term complete cure.  To support their claim, they bombard you with unverified figures.  Drug abuse and rehabilitation is subject, no one wants to share their experience and none wants to admit that they need help. Knowing that people are unable to verify their claims, drug rehab programs promise outrageous results and back them with exaggerated success stories.

 Every rehab claims that their treatment is the only genuine treatment, but what they are really after is the money. These scams know, that due to societal thinking, innuendo and rumours; it is commonly believed that complete recovery is either impossible or is a very lengthy and arduous journey. So they know that addicts, who are willing to take the risk of enrolling themselves in a drug rehab program, are also willing to go get rid of the cure at any cost.  Rehab centres are also aware that relapses are a common occurrence, and the addicts have usually tried detox themselves. 

They know that most of the addicts are enrolling in a medical facility only after having tried to quit themselves. Based on this knowledge, drug rehab plans that are a scam, try to prolong the treatment. The advise and suggest several different methods simultaneously or over a stretched period. The longer your treatment the more money they swindle out of you! 

Any Rehabilitation centre, despite their intentions, promising a cure without knowing what the cure is or how to cure an addict is wrongly luring hapless addicts. Despite the bad name given to such facilities there are a couple of drug rehabilitation centres that have been successfully able to cure addicts. One of them is Narconon Fresh Start. It has recently become the preferred choice of addicts who are willing to restart their lives. Narconon’s treatment and its ideology is based on forty years of R & D. Even today Narconon Fresh Start constantly upgrades and improves upon its recovery methods.  Narconon Fresh Start is amongst the few rehabs’ that offer a comprehensive patient specific, holistic treatment plan.  

Genuine treatments exist, they may not be cheap but they are also not super expensive. Do not be fooled by promise of a posh setup or the dinginess of a smaller one. Research as much as you can on the type of treatment, the duration, and the components of the treatment plan. See if they treatment plan is similar to the ones being used in government treatment facilities.

Fake Claims of Detoxification

Ours is the epoch of stress and strain.  On the other hand, loose social restrictions have caused depravity of the youngsters. They become a victim of drug and alcohol addiction. They adopt addictive habits for relief from this stress of life and to show off but this results in their being incorrigible addicts. There emerge, as a consequence, companies in the market that are of the view that they can cure addiction within a few days using alternative drugs and herbal extracts with a 100 % guarantee. They have their fake claims of recovery which they publish with full confidence. Many of these companies are mere scams and they swindle the people very cleverly.

Fake Claims of Detoxification

These companies do not run businesses rather they enact frauds. Detoxification is a rehab technique that is used to draw out the residue of the drugs from the patients’ bodies. If these residuals are present in the body, they become a cause of cravings for taking drugs. The scam programs of these companies are well advertised but they have no back-up of successful remedy. This failure of these programs is based on some grounds. Firstly, the only use of alternative drugs and herbal extracts cannot bring any favorable results. Other things such as proper environment, exercises and therapies are also necessary. On the other hand, the patients may develop a realization of the contributory factors to their addiction and also develop knowledge to minimize these factors. 

These patients may develop an understanding of their disease and about how to control various reasons of the disease. All this can be developed in the patients through non-medicinal techniques and various courses which these scam rehabilitation companies do not offer. On the other hand, herbal extracts are also boldly advertised. They may show promising and wonderful results in other fields but in rehabilitation process, they are not so effective. Some other factors are also important in this regard. All the same, you should not be affected and moved by the tall claims of the scam companies. 

A careful look on the firms of various scales in the rehab industry will show that these scam companies and their pseudo programs are no more than new ways of becoming rich in a short run. Many of these companies are not at all accredited by any health authorities. They run their businesses under a certificate given by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

Many organizations, on the other hand, are there that work honestly and with dignity. Narconon Fresh Start is one such program that detoxifies its clients with non-medicinal methods. They use therapies, diet and sauna therapy for detoxification. Narconon Fresh Start eases the life of patients and does not go for the sale of its alternative drugs. It employs cognitive behavioral modification model and life detoxification therapy to recover the addicts into a new productive life. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews are the best evidence on the effective treatment ensured at the Narconon facilities.

You should take care of the following factors before getting enrolled with any rehab facility. The rehab program should not be too short to be believed. Their stated rate of success must be realistic. They should have a qualified and experienced staff.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Marijuana Rehab Scam

Marijuana is a plant which exhibits some psychoactive chemicals in its various parts. According to US law it is highly discouraging if someone uses Marijuana drug. The people who occasionally smoke marijuana are punished by the court and are sending to various marijuana rehab centers.  Out of total population of USA only 42% people are reported for using marijuana as a drug. The effects posed by Marijuana are negligible as compared to other drugs but despite this fact USA law arrest and punish large number of people because of using marijuana. The American’s U.S. marijuana policy is strict as it never relieves a person possessing this very habit of taking marijuana and it is considered as a big crime.

Marijuana does not pose harsh impacts on one’s health as heroine and alcohol do. People taste is as a fun and even it is very popular among teenagers in United States. Recently it has been reported that in contrast to other drugs substantial amount of population is being indulge in using marijuana but the health effects are far less than heroine and alcohol addiction. The mental disorders are rarely caused due to usage of marijuana. For instance during 1999 less than 10% people took clinical treatment who used marijuana while above 30% people were brought there for the clinical treatment for addressing tobacco addiction.

Marijuana Rehab Scam

There are strong evidences which supports the statement that marijuana is a plant upon which people rely for releasing their stress. No doubt marijuana has psychotic effects but it is not related to mental disorders. People can never lose their consciousness with the use of this drug. Some people take high potency of marijuana but it does not mean that it is life threatening dose. Similarly, we cannot call marijuana a kind of dangerous addiction because people do use marijuana occasionally and they are leading successful social life.

Netherland law is entirely opposite from USA criminal law. In Netherland the citizens above age of eighteen are allowed to purchase marijuana drugs for shops while, USA law is against its use. Interestingly, instead of having freedom of using marijuana the total number of people using marijuana are more in USA which than in Netherland.

The marijuana rehab centers are strongly criticized by people because most of the so called addicts of marijuana are those who have been left marijuana a month before getting in the rehab center. Others use marijuana but occasionally and marijuana does not harm their brains and health as alcohol does. So here questions arise that, why these rehab centers are there? What do they treat? These are basically Marijuana rehab scam centers which are wasting time and money of people by applying useless and fake treatments upon marijuana users Narconon Fresh Start.

You will find considerable population at marijuana rehab centers but most of these people belong to jail or under police custody that are brought here on the orders of USA court due to their habit of taking marijuana. Otherwise only 10% people admitted here come due to serious health or mental disorders which are aroused because of taking high dose of marijuana but still these issues are not harmful like cancer disease for which tobacco and alcohol are considered as strong risk factors. Therefore, these rehab centers are meant for nothing and these centers are only making money and are still alive just because of USA criminal law for using marijuana. Otherwise, they do nothing good for well being of mankind.