Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rehab Scammers: Licensed to Play Mockery

Rehabilitation centers may easily be used as scamming facilities because their clients have two vital attributes, families with a wealthy background or good payment plans and vulnerable friends and family members, willing to do anything to find a cure. Another reason why rehabilitation centers manage to successfully scam people of all their money without much resistance is that, they are able to demand the payments beforehand without providing any proof or guarantee of a total recovery. Recovering a substance abuser is never a black and white procedure. The amount of money and time spent on the recovery of the patient depends upon the individual’s commitment towards getting better as well as the physical, emotional and psychological state, which is decided by the rehabilitation center. When rehab centers, have the liberty to make such powerful decisions based on such elusive factors, they gain the freedom to easily scam desperate people of their money, time and sanity.

Narconon Fresh Start Rehab scammers

Many such amenities do not solely run a scamming agenda; they disguise their true motive behind a fancy facility, a body of trained professionals and sometimes are even registered as a proper facility. Their real con starts moths after patient is submitted and settled into the program. They promise one thing but never deliver and provide a recovery schedule but never meet the deadlines. They use such tactics to keep the patient entangled with the program and without any concerns of the patient’s life they keep mounting the bill.

Rehabilitation facilities promising recovery is one thing, but coming up with fake products and short courses which promise a ‘cure’ is a whole other side to rehab scamming. Firstly, substance abuse is not an illness it is a lifestyle built upon bad decision making and unexplainable events. It is an addiction, it has to be fought and recovered from. There are herbal remedies and medicines available for curing drugs addiction. They might work for a little while, but drug intake is associated with an emotional and psychological trigger. An abuser cannot be recovered from the habit completely if the root cause is not eliminated. Another popular scam is promising a patient with drug recovery in as short as one to two weeks. Accepted, drug abuse is a downward spiraling path for any individual but taking shortcuts will only prolong the proper recovery time.  

Find a reliable facility like NarcononFresh Start. Narconon, a rehabilitation organization certified by CARF is not only a facility but an educational institution for abusers. Narconon Fresh Start is run by Mr. William Benitez, once a drug abuser himself, and managed by a body of authorized trained professionals. Narconon Fresh Start’s aim is not only to recover the patient from drug abuse but also to rehabilitate him/her into a respectable place in life.

Choose a facility which has years of experience and a well established platform worldwide. Narconon has fourty years of stories to tell. Find references to validate a centre before entrusting your loved with it and do not let your emotions and vulnerability get in the way of making the right choice.