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Narconon Fresh Start - Healing with emotional support

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Alcoholism in every society is discouraging due to its devastating effects on health, family life and economy. Addicted persons have no control on their alcoholic cravings after getting into alcohol dependence. A research estimates over 6,500 people under the age of 21 die from alcohol-related injuries and thousands more are injured annually. Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation is the most effective way to break this cycle of alcohol dependency. Treatment procedures at these alcohol rehabs help individuals to overcome their physical and psychological disorders.

Alcohol addiction treatment centers provide addicts healthy living settings that heal their body, mind and soul. Activities are planned according to the needs and behavior of each individual to built their confidence. Individuals thought themselves important and start getting involvement in each designed activity to foster their recovery process.

Holistic treatment approach

Alcohol rehab program is generally comprised of three-step process: alcohol detoxification, counseling and aftercare. Trained and efficient staff members are fully aware about the numerous psychiatric, physical, psychological and medical conditions that can contribute to alcoholism. Therefore, they integrate each treatment activity with another in order to obtain 100% success in alcohol detoxification process.

Comprehensive assessment ensures success

During the treatment of alcohol addiction, complete medical and psychological history of addicts is considered. In order to recover patient from alcohol cravings, the context of physical, emotional and family challenges of each addicts should be known. This history will help supervisors to diagnose effective treatment methodology for every client.

Communication develops confidence

Apart from the routine treatment sessions, patients need some educative and social learning to cope with their fear and anxiety that is the outcome of severe addiction. For this purpose, drug rehabilitation programs also designed some life skill training courses to develop effective communication and socialization among patients. These positive activities boost up the morale of addicts and they can overcome their fears, anxieties and guilt feelings.

Spiritual Recovery

The major drawback of alcoholism is that it entirely disturbs the person physically and mentally & the most devastating and destructive effect is on spirituality. The addict completely loses its inner peace and family life struggle a lot. Constant despair and guilt leads the addict into the world of complete isolation. Alcohol treatment centers works on not only mental and physical health but also pay attention to spiritual recovery therapies with narconon fresh start. Spiritual recovery is very important in treatment to maintain sobriety and stable lifestyle.


Alcohol abuse is extremely dangerous for the health and relationships of people. Alcohols hijack the CNS (Central Nervous System) of addicts and lead them into the world of destruction, guilt and isolation. For the consolation and recovery of those addicted people, alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation centers are doing amazing job. These “sober houses” are real blessing for depressed and diseased persons to start their journey towards healthy living style again.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A Drug Rehab Plan that you can Absolutely Trust

Addiction is a situation when a person doesn’t have any control on his own activities and it usually happens to drug addicts. Drug addiction is a serious threat to the society and the person himself so it needs to be treated with extra care. Sunshine Summit Lodge is the only drug rehab which can provide excellent rehabilitation services. These services include a complete rejuvenation therapy for drug addicts. Along with the unique approach of ignoring the disease model for rehabilitation Narconon Sunshine also focuses on cognitive training. As a result of all these outstanding strategies Sunshine enjoys huge success rate. This success rate is also a symbol of their reliability.

Effective therapy with a unique approach

The rehabilitation procedures at the Lodge are not based on the typical diseased model. It means that addicts are not treated as patients at this outstanding drug rehab. In fact they are considered as students and their attitudes or behaviors need to be transformed. This transformation is actually rehabilitation of all kinds of drug addiction. Similarly when any client of Sunshine completes the rehabilitation process, he will be called as a graduate. This approach towards rehabilitating drug addiction is definitely a unique one.

Comprehensive drug purification plan

When a person starts taking drugs then after some time it became a permanent part of their body. These drug remains in the body are known as drug metabolites. They are the reason for an unstoppable thirst for drugs. These drug metabolites force a person to continue drugs and weakens the will power. To excavate drugs completely from the clients of Sunshine Summit Lodge, a comprehensive drug purification plan is followed. With the help of necessary medication and cognitive treatments these drug remains are thrown out from the bodies of patients. Consequently, leaving drugs became much easier for the Narconon family. This effective treatment plan makes Sunshine better than other rehabilitation centers.

Elevated success rates

Narconon Fresh Start is one of the few drug rehabs of the worlds in which patients can feel full satisfaction about their rehabilitation. The success rate of rehabilitation at Sunshine is 76% which is something extraordinary. The drug rehabilitation treatments are so unpredictable that it is impossible to assess the success rate. In case of patients can make an intelligent guess about their rate of rehabilitation from the past success stories of this outstanding rehab.


Sunshine Summit Lodge has been achieving success due to its exclusive strategies towards drug rehabilitation. Their paramount quality services make it possible for everyone to leave drugs and live a normal happy life again. Drug rehabilitation is just like giving someone a new life since drug addicts leave everything and take drugs all their lives. They lose their senses, business, success, healthy life and respect from others. Rehabilitating someone actually means returning him all these luxuries of life. At Sunshine professionals are performing this humanitarian activity very effectively. So it’s a great opportunity for all those patients who want to get rid of drug addiction. There wouldn’t be a more suitable place for drug rehabilitation other than Narconon Sunshine.

"Narconon Fresh Start - Get rid of Drug Addiction for Good"

Narconon, one of leading drug rehabilitation center is a non-profit organization and Narconon Fresh start is an excellent program to control drug addiction by trained professional staff. The therapeutic and supportive environment of Narconon Rehabilitation centers is highly appreciated due to its higher success rate with complete recovery. Program credentials are supervised by 24 hours monitoring units to ensure complete detoxification.

Systematically sequence to obtain the best results

The rehabilitation program at Narconon Fresh start comes up with many unique components and it is a structured program with a specific systematic sequence to obtain the best results. Each rehab activity is analyzed and monitored continuously to provide better results to all addicts. Systematical plan has been inducted in the treatment course that pertain the withdrawal of craving and physical urges and lead to the cognitive concerns.

Narconon – A way of true rehabilitation

The surrounding atmosphere of Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation lodge is quite admirable. Rich with scenic beauty and surrounded by hot springs, it is the best place for those who are striving to overcome the drug addiction. Soothing and catchy environment is provided to the drug addicts to start the effective treatment that develops self-esteem in the patients.

Individualized treatment and coaching

The addicted persons often realize that that it is not possible for them to get over their urge for drug addiction by themselves. Hence, most of them give up their efforts to get rid of drug addiction. These hopeless situations demand treatment and guidance from the experts towards addicts. At Narconon Fresh start rehab center, we address the needs and requirements of addicts individually. The first session comprises of detailed discussion of the patient history and his problems. Then the trained professionals further plan the treatment for drug free complete detoxification.

Secular rehab Program

People from all religious groups joined this rehab center; therefore, Narconon rehab program is non-religious. Religious beliefs of all participants are equally respected and transportation is provided to their respective local churches on days of worship, when possible.
Activities to strengthen Social Interaction

Although program participants go through a lot of individual hard work on their way to recovery, they also learn to interact socially with their peers in the program by helping each other through various courses of the program. Participants are encouraged to participate in healthy activities like exercising, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna therapy, basketball, volleyball, tennis, walking and jogging track, ping-pong, and occasional trips. This allows them to learn how to become good productive team members and how to build constructive relationships.


Drug and alcohol addiction is a cursed disease for every society. Many non-profit organizations are established to deal with it and they are doing amazing things to control this disorder. One such amazing name is of Narconon non-profit rehab program that is well known for its unique treatment procedures and effective programs to control drug/alcoholic addiction.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - An Effective Cure Plan from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse has destructive effects on health, family life and on community. Many organizations are active to control this disorder and Narconon is determined to achieve this goal. For the treatment of alcohol addiction, Narconon Fresh Start is one of the most eminent and successful drug rehabilitation programs that have gained much appreciation for its effectiveness. Narconon alcoholic rehabilitation centers work with holistic drug free detoxification along with the cognitive behavioral theory and socialization. Narconon centers ensures 76% success rate with 6 months guarantee.

Nurturing and Supportive Environment

Environment plays a key role in addiction treatment and our professional team is helping people by promoting values that include acceptance, discovery, empowerment and hope. Narconon provides healing and supportive environment to all its clients with guarantee packages. Friendly atmosphere motivates people to overcome their urge for substance use and engage themselves into healthier activities.

Self-empowering Recovery

The best thing about Narconon Fresh Start treatment program is its effectiveness and unique methodology that distinguishes it from other alcoholic rehabs. Comprehensive treatment is provided with self-empowering practical recovery and its life skill courses and various healthier techniques help people to overcome their drug addiction in a quite natural way.

Effective Withdrawal Therapy

The ultimate goal of drug withdrawal therapy is to stop taking alcohol and drugs as quickly as possible. This detoxification process involves safely reducing of alcohol and drugs and preventing its side effects. S Depressants, stimulants and all kinds of drugs and alcohols are affectively treated by withdrawal therapy offered at Narconon facilities. The clients are provided with so many engaging activities that help them divert their attention from substance use and take interest in normal routine of life.

Stable Recovery Leads to Sobriety

In the beginning, when an addict starts the treatment program, he is emotionally disturbed. At that stage, addicts are counseled by professional staff in order to maintain emotional sobriety.  When the body of addicts gets used to a dugs free life, then it is easy to recover quickly and safely. The clients at Narconon are also offered after treatment care and education to maintain their recovery.

Extensive Therapeutic Techniques

The holistic program of Narconon Fresh Start mainly consists of life skill training courses like yoga exercises, meditation, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and other effective techniques. The purpose of all these activities is to motivate the patient towards normal life settings in a natural way without being dependent on medicines & drugs. Trained professional staff manually revises these techniques to maintain higher success ratio.


Narconon is nonprofit organization that is remarkably active to abolish drugs and alcohols from the society. There are over 100 Narconon centers worldwide providing drug free solution to more than thousands people every year. Each center has its own special training courses and activities depending upon the response and needs of clients. Treatment methodology of each locality is unique with excellent trained staff and clean environment.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - Guarantees a Happy, Healthy, and Addiction-free Life

Narconon Fresh Start program is one of the most effective and efficient drug rehabilitation and drug prevention program devised and planned by a well-known nonprofit organization Narconon. This program is the best remedial measure for those who want to get rid of abusive substances. To speed up the clients’ recovery process it is necessary to make them involve in healthy activities. Narconon program has made special arrangements for providing entertainment accompanied with health and fitness. The clients can enjoy every activity that gives their mind relief. To keep the clients physically healthy and fit, they are provided with all necessary facilities.

Recovery through Life Improvement and Betterment Courses
  • Narconon Fresh Start program offers learning improvement courses that help the clients study effectively and efficiently. With the guidelines provided through the learning improvement courses, they recognize and overcome the reasons for taking drugs.
  • Besides, there are personal value and integrity courses that help students to relieve them from regret and remorse that comes from their past memories. The completion of such courses develops and further enhances a strong sense of personal moral codes and the students start feeling good about them.
  • The life skill courses teach the students to develop good relationship with others. During such courses, the students learn how to repair their relations that have been destroyed due to their destructive attitude in the past. The life changing condition course will help the students during and after the completion of the program as they can employ the gained knowledge from course to regain their position at home, office and within friends’ circle in their communities.
  • All such courses are conducted under the control of case supervisors and counselors who keep an eye on the progress of students in order to ensure that students achieve optimal benefit from all life improvement courses and betterment programs.
Miscellaneous Options for Students after Graduation 

The Narconon Fresh Start program provides many different options to all those graduates who have completed the program. They are free to choose to come back to their homes or to enter a sober profession of drugs rehabilitation. They can come forward and join the Narconon programs as volunteers or may opt for the internship program.


Narconon graduates are empowered with the knowledge and experience that is helpful in restoring people like them. They learn how to stay off drugs and alcohol. They also know how to communicate effectively, how to be relaxed and self-assured in who they are, and how to control themselves and their actions. They are well aware of choosing the right type of friends to maintain their soberness. They learn also how to face problems and how to solve these problems with strong positive mind. The graduates of Narconon program not only defeat the urge for drugs and alcohol; they become cultured with all tools essential to be victorious in all the areas of their daily life.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Searching for an Addiction Treatment Center? Narconon can Help you the Best

Addiction of drugs like heroin, cocaine & alcohols etc is destroying the life of many people. Majority of families have been affected by drug and alcohols addiction & many have just lost their lives. Addiction treatment centers & drug rehabilitation programs are real blessings for such affected ones. The wonderful techniques & unique methods used by these rehab programs proved a remarkable change in the lives of drug addicts. If you want to save your loved ones from this cunning and baffling disease, then you should approach to a proper addiction treatment center.

Recovery from Addiction is Absolutely Possible 

Many people have misconception that once you got addicted to drugs, you can never goes back to normal life again. This misconception has been removed by successful graduates of Addiction Treatment Centers in many parts of the world. These graduates are not only enjoying routine life activities but they also participate in the prosperity of their nation in a best possible way. So accept the reality that addiction is just like any other disease & so it is treatable.

An Environment Conducive to Quick Restoration

Most of the drug rehabilitation centers & addiction treatment centers have beautiful scenic residential localities. These residential locations provides cool and calm environment to the clients and thus ensuring them home like environment. A patient feels comfortable there and this satisfaction helps them in their drug recovery process.

Psychological Therapy Heals the Soul

Physical ailments usually cured by medicines but the case of addiction not only affects the body but it also affects the mental state of the person. Addiction treatment centers hire countless psychologists for the mental treatment of addicts. These psychological therapies help the patients to boost up their confidence and heal their soul along with physical treatment with narconon fresh start. Mostly psychotherapy & counseling is carried out individually so that subsequent behavior of each addict can be monitored according to the specific needs of each individual.

Life Skill Courses Enhance Quick Learning

Drug rehabilitation centers in developed countries are fully equipped with all necessary elements that require to successfully rehabilitating an addicted person. These rehab programs used life skill courses such as social grouping, communication building, gaming, sauna practices, and healthy activities to motivate the addicts towards positive learning. These practices enhance their positivity that in turn removes the feelings of guilt, shame & low esteem. Person becomes motivated and charges himself for quick learning to achieve his/her goal.


Addiction treatment centers & drug rehabilitation programs comes in variety of forms and offer countless services to rehab the addicted ones. These extensive care units not only treat the physical disorders but also heal the psychological ailments of those troubled persons. So we can say that rehab centers are the “sober houses” for addicted persons.