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Enjoy a Peaceful and Healthy Life with Narconon

Narconon Sunshine Summit lodge is a place where you can find a way out from your pathetic life of drug addiction. An entirely new approach towards patients has been adopted by the professionals of Sunshine termed as ‘Narconon Fresh Start’. Patients are trained and educated to become social and interact with normal people in their surroundings. Along with better communication skills, it is very important to bring a healthy change in patients’ attitudes towards life and it is stressed in various activities at Narconon Sunshine. Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is highly successful in restoring the addicts to normal and healthy life activities.
A Unique Approach of Detoxification

At Narconon Summit Lodge, there is a completely different approach for patients because they are not treated as drug addicts but as students. It will enhance their learning and knowledge at the same time this learning process takes them away from their intoxicated lives. There are diverse recreational and educational courses which a person has to take in Narconon Fresh Start for rehabilitation.

Better Communication Methods

Communication is a very important part of every one’s life. In fact man is a social animal and it is impossible for him to survive without interaction. Drug addiction makes a person lonely and mostly addicts don’t want to meet anyone because people usually hate them or consider them as a symbol of tragedy. At Narconon, communication skills of patients are improved with the help of different strategies.

Coaching and Communication
Reading or learning is no more a habit for many individual which is definitely not a healthy sign. Different learning courses are included in the Narconon Fresh Start so that the patients get used to learning and enjoy new information. There are joint sessions of discussions which enhance their interest and divert their mind from their previous lives. At Narconon every individual is convinced to live a happy life. For doing this there is a set of twenty one simple rules to be happy. These common sense rules are so effective that patients start feeling a fresh change in their lives.

Amazing Recovery Rate

This is a special part of rehabilitation where patients realize that they are the main cause of all the misery in their lives. With this realization it is important for them to make a decision to come back to a normal life. This understanding will persuade them to think that if they are the reason to ruin their lives then why they can’t be the reason to revive or revitalize their lives.


Narconon Fresh Start is unique opportunity for restoring to positive attitudes and a peaceful and healthy life. Those who have lost hopes of recovery due to their dependence on drugs and alcohol will find Narconon Sunshine and its rehab program as a perfect solution to enhance their will power to overcome all temptations for addiction. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Sunshine manages its facility in a calm and tranquil hilly environment. The experts at Narconon Sunshine do not depend on giving chemicals and salts to patients for recovery. The entire focus of Narconon is on communication and recreational activities that engage the attention of people suffering addiction.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Located near the famed Warner Hot Springs; Sunshine Summit Lodge provides a perfect remedial environment. It is an exact place for dominating drug and alcohol inclinations through educational and physical activities. Complete recovery from drugs and alcohol is the basic objective of Narconon as an organization. The rehab program emphasizes on safe and relaxed environment, imparting confidence to the patients to overcome their urge for drugs. Sunshine Lodge provides all the facilities in its campus and the clients feel at home and go through the rehab program with interest and active participation. 

Victory over drugs urges – A proper recovery plan

 A complete recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction is not too difficult. Only the resolution on the part of the people suffering addiction is the pre-requisite. The experts at Narconon Sunshine employ innovative techniques to convince their clients to stand for a drugs free life and strengthen their will power to conquer their longing for drugs.  

Educational courses for psychological rehabilitation The drugs addicts suffer psychologically due to their particular backgrounds. Narconon Sunshine’s educational courses aim at rehabilitating the addicts from their past and make ready to face the challenges the life with positive inclinations. Moreover, at Sunshine Summit Lodge, rehabilitation remains an educational uplift of the clients. They are never labelled as addicts rather they are called students. It helps the clients regain their lost social prestige and they readily respond to the various stages of the rehab program.

Individual Coaching

All the students at Narconon Sunshine are given individual attention and the improvement in their behaviour is monitored individually. The complex backgrounds necessitate it to address their problems separately and devise rehab plans for them according to their actual needs.

A comprehensive rehab approach

Narconon’s holistic approach for a perfect drugs recovery is appreciated all over the world. The addicts provided here vitamins and minerals for good health instead of giving them chemicals for detoxification. Healthy activities are the part of clients’ training. They are encouraged to take part in games like football, tennis, soccer, volleyball etc. Occasional trips are arranged for physical improvement of the clients. It brings healthy behavioral changes and resistance against addictive behaviour. With these endeavors, the results are always amazing. Narconon rehab program has achieved a success rate of 76%. The recovery from drug and alcohol is guaranteed within 6 months.


The continuously uprising popularity graph of Sunshine Summit Lodge is the obvious proof of its innovatively designed rehab techniques. Since its inception, Narconon fresh start organization has produced wonderful results and hence secured a reputable position of a successful nonprofit enterprise for the benefit of suffering humanity. Narconon is always determined to go further in its efforts to make the world a drugs free place.  

Narconon Fresh Start Ensures Freedom from Substance Abuse

Narconon International

Narconon International is a non-profit drug rehabilitation program dedicated to eradicating alcohol and drug abuse through physical fitness program, recreational activities and life skill educational courses. The facilities, services and staff at Narconon International are absolutely of international level. The proficient psychiatric and physicians are dealing their clients with utter devotion and dedication. Due to this fact 7 out of 10 graduates from Narconon rehabilitation centers are capable of spending a happy, healthy, addiction-free and responsible life after finishing their courses. Due to the exceptional success rate, the Narconon rehab centers are expanding their branches in various parts of the world. 

Sunshine Summit Lodge at San Diego Country  

The Sunshine rehab center, which is recognized for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, is located in close proximity to the famed Warner Hot Springs in the hills of Northern San Diego County. Peaceful environment of the lodge is covering an area of 40 acres and is situated 35 miles away from the city. The clients at Narconon Sunshine go through a number of phases including medical treatment through vitamin supplements and nutritious food, physical fitness program through exercise and fitness club, cognitive therapy and improved social behavior through life skills educational courses. 

The fresh and clean atmosphere 

Like most of the Narconon Fresh Start centers, the vicinity of Sunshine is open, scenic and spacious.  It is accommodating several clients under its therapeutic and appealing atmosphere which play a vital role in bringing about an optimistic change in the clients behavior. 

Recreational and constructive activities

The Sunshine Summit Lodge is always dealing with its clients like its family members that is the reason the clients are provided a feeling of home until the end of their rehab treatment. To promote the welcoming home vibes, all sorts of leisure and mental relief activities are the doorstep of lodge. Watching TV, indoor games and outdoor games are facilitated along with the guidance and assistance. This opportunity enables the clients to enhance their potential during their stay at rehab center. It is proved to be a great chance for those who want to know how to play and become expert in any particular game by learning and joining teams. Other than games and sports, trips to town are also arranged for the clients. Such activities are not only play their part in making the addicts active but also the team based sports and games cultivate in them the sense of social interaction and cooperation. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A Reliable Solution for Drug Rehabilitation

People usually start taking drugs to get rid of the routine life stress. Some start drinking alcohol in the company of friends and become habitual to it. Getting rid of addiction is necessary because it ruins the person internally and cast bad effects on one’s behavior and personality. Addiction affects severely both mind and body. Excessive use of drugs knocks people to abnormality, shunning doors of normal life and activities. Narconon Fresh Start affirms that addiction is similar to chronic disease, which should be cured as soon as possible. It can be fatal if not cured well.

Narconon Fresh Start: A Comprehensive Rehab Program

Drug rehabilitation is very tiring and difficult task, as the addict become stubborn and he has no worries of his loss and gain. This needs proper guidance and help to bring that person back to the normal life. Narconon Fresh Start is a brilliant rehab program that applies advanced technologies and treatment methods for rehabilitation. It not only removes the cravings for the drugs but also changes the person into sober, well educated, skilled human being.

Program overview

Narconon Fresh Start is managing 6 drug rehabilitation centers in four states. It has different locations widely spread in the U.S, U.K, Latin America Europe, Africa, and Asia. All rehab centers of Fresh Start equipped well and serving the needy and sufferers. The supervision is carried 24 hours a day; the duration of the treatment depends upon the person’s recovery and the completion of the all the steps present in the treatment. Usually it takes 3 to 4 months to go through all the steps of the program.

The drug residuals gets stored in the cells, they are released in the blood stream during stress and cause cravings, the use of sauna for the detoxification removes these residuals from the body through perspiration, which relaxes the body and mind

Rehabilitation Process 

Reverting back to normal life is not an easy task; it’s the battle between the person’s resistances for cravings of drugs with the struggle of coming back to normal life. This causes irritation, crankiness in the behavior, but one has to overcome these feelings so as to have the blessed life. The Narconon Fresh Start helps in overcoming all the hurdles, leading the person to the betterment. The holistic and caring behavior of the staff makes it easy. The drug rehabilitation at Narconon shows the productive results, making a dangerous, terrified and a confused person to normal, stable and a positive life.


Narconon’s new life detoxification program is comprehensive rehab plan. It eliminates the drug cravings in addicts ad removes drug toxins and residue from their bodies. By strengthening the will power, it instigates a positive attitude in the drugs and alcohol addicts and engages their attention in healthy and positive activities. It modifies the personality, bring in drugs users positive change and ultimately make them productive and responsible members of the society.

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews - A Testimony of Narconon’s Rehab Methodology

If Narconon Fresh Start is compared with other rehabs programs, it excels on the basis of results that are solid and incomparable with that of any other rehab programs. The general recovery rate in other rehab centers is 10 to 25 percent whereas Narconon’s success rate is estimated 76%. Many thousands of the graduates of Narconon have recovered and leading normal and drugs free life.

The addicts who get admitted to Narconon rehabs are usually chronic patients of drugs addiction. Narconon offers them long and short courses according to their level of addiction.  Each of the courses comprises lessons on moral and personal values and communication skills which make them realize the basic ethics of the life. The Narconon Fresh Start Reviews provides the encouragement to the sufferers to strengthen their will power to conquer their urges for drugs and alcohol. I suffered drugs abuse myself and recovered at Narconon facility. They rekindled the flam of life in me when I had no hope for a “come back”. They saved me and gave back smile to my lips!!!!
Nick Adams

When Danny, my son got victim to drugs, I felt devastated. He was my only hope after his father death but I was feeling that I was losing him. I did a lot to convince him but things got worse within a few months. I had no idea where to take my son for a proper treatment. When I was about to lose my patience I read about Narconon Fresh Start rehab program.

Narconon rebuilt Danny’s life; he realized there that he can get rid of drugs. He began to socialize and take part in healthy activities. I was so much happy to see emerging luster in eyes which was so much there when he was living a drugs free life. Narconon changed him entirely. They are really magicians. They saved my son and gave him back to me! I know my thanks are not enough to repay that kindness with which Narconon blessed me.
Sara Joan

Sherry, my brother, was a sweet boy, always helping others. His interest in sports introduced him to All Stars Team and there he got addicted. He started smoking marijuana and became addicted to heroin. My parents were shocked and took him to many rehab centres but of no avail. We lost hope for his life. He wanted to quit the addiction but he was unable to do that. With addiction, his brain started to numb. Then someone told us about Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. The treatment brought changes in Sherry and the family felt a ray hope. With the passage of time, he showed very positive changes. Though the treatment took months but we were happy that he was returning back to normal life. He was back to his sweet nature, and was taking interest in positive and healthy activities. Narconon worked wonders and saved our dear Sherry! We are immensely obliged to the people at Narconon.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews
Narconon fresh start program has done miracles by restoring drug addicts and alcoholics. This program is a success for the reviews given by the clients and graduates describe the wonders and benefits it has done to their lives. Narconon’s 45 drug rehab centers working worldwide providing drug addicts the ways to live a successful life instead of being a culprit or a living carcass. The reviews of the graduates who completed their course through this fresh start program are described under to understand how this program runs.

Joan’s son Danny was an enthusiastic and clever boy who fell into the dig of addiction in his college days. When his parents learnt that their son was in this distress, they took him to some two or three rehab centers but every time their son relapsed. Then someone suggested them to go to a Narconon fresh start program based rehab center and when Danny completed his 3 months treatment there, he was not any more a drug addict. Now Danny is living a sober life without drugs.

Here is another story presented to learn the achievement of Narconon Fresh Star program. Another sober guy Larry fell a prey to addiction when he was just thirteen. The signs of change in his behavior disturbed the family and soon when the family discovered that his new peers made him a substance abuser shook the family. They tried their utmost cure Larry not to take drugs but failed each time. Even his marriage couldn’t help him quitting addiction. Then it was just fresh start program that proved wonderful for him relieving him ultimately to live an upright life. Now Larry is leading a sober life, he enjoys the company of his family; he is not a hot headed man anymore. His communication skills, his interests and his strong decision making are helping him to obtain the powerful life again.

Nola’s son Josh is also recovered through narconon fresh start program. Nola admires the program because it was the only one proved successful in bringing his son back to the normality of life. The fresh start program is time independent easy to go through. Nora describes the achievement his son gained via fresh start detoxification program in following words:

"It's a program that aims to rid the body of bad chemicals from the drugs that people abused their body with. And unless you do something to cleanse the body, those chemicals make a person much more vulnerable to relapsing. I can't tell you how much I feel that been helpful to people going through the program and it certainly has been for my son Josh." She states that eight years has been passed since Josh finished the narconon fresh start Reviews program and he is doing good and living an upright life without drugs.

These reviews maintain the good and authentic reputation of the Narconon Fresh Start Program and mark the program with a success rate of 70%.