Thursday, 18 April 2013

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews - A Testimony of Narconon’s Rehab Methodology

If Narconon Fresh Start is compared with other rehabs programs, it excels on the basis of results that are solid and incomparable with that of any other rehab programs. The general recovery rate in other rehab centers is 10 to 25 percent whereas Narconon’s success rate is estimated 76%. Many thousands of the graduates of Narconon have recovered and leading normal and drugs free life.

The addicts who get admitted to Narconon rehabs are usually chronic patients of drugs addiction. Narconon offers them long and short courses according to their level of addiction.  Each of the courses comprises lessons on moral and personal values and communication skills which make them realize the basic ethics of the life. The Narconon Fresh Start Reviews provides the encouragement to the sufferers to strengthen their will power to conquer their urges for drugs and alcohol. I suffered drugs abuse myself and recovered at Narconon facility. They rekindled the flam of life in me when I had no hope for a “come back”. They saved me and gave back smile to my lips!!!!
Nick Adams

When Danny, my son got victim to drugs, I felt devastated. He was my only hope after his father death but I was feeling that I was losing him. I did a lot to convince him but things got worse within a few months. I had no idea where to take my son for a proper treatment. When I was about to lose my patience I read about Narconon Fresh Start rehab program.

Narconon rebuilt Danny’s life; he realized there that he can get rid of drugs. He began to socialize and take part in healthy activities. I was so much happy to see emerging luster in eyes which was so much there when he was living a drugs free life. Narconon changed him entirely. They are really magicians. They saved my son and gave him back to me! I know my thanks are not enough to repay that kindness with which Narconon blessed me.
Sara Joan

Sherry, my brother, was a sweet boy, always helping others. His interest in sports introduced him to All Stars Team and there he got addicted. He started smoking marijuana and became addicted to heroin. My parents were shocked and took him to many rehab centres but of no avail. We lost hope for his life. He wanted to quit the addiction but he was unable to do that. With addiction, his brain started to numb. Then someone told us about Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. The treatment brought changes in Sherry and the family felt a ray hope. With the passage of time, he showed very positive changes. Though the treatment took months but we were happy that he was returning back to normal life. He was back to his sweet nature, and was taking interest in positive and healthy activities. Narconon worked wonders and saved our dear Sherry! We are immensely obliged to the people at Narconon.

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