Thursday, 25 April 2013

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Located near the famed Warner Hot Springs; Sunshine Summit Lodge provides a perfect remedial environment. It is an exact place for dominating drug and alcohol inclinations through educational and physical activities. Complete recovery from drugs and alcohol is the basic objective of Narconon as an organization. The rehab program emphasizes on safe and relaxed environment, imparting confidence to the patients to overcome their urge for drugs. Sunshine Lodge provides all the facilities in its campus and the clients feel at home and go through the rehab program with interest and active participation. 

Victory over drugs urges – A proper recovery plan

 A complete recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction is not too difficult. Only the resolution on the part of the people suffering addiction is the pre-requisite. The experts at Narconon Sunshine employ innovative techniques to convince their clients to stand for a drugs free life and strengthen their will power to conquer their longing for drugs.  

Educational courses for psychological rehabilitation The drugs addicts suffer psychologically due to their particular backgrounds. Narconon Sunshine’s educational courses aim at rehabilitating the addicts from their past and make ready to face the challenges the life with positive inclinations. Moreover, at Sunshine Summit Lodge, rehabilitation remains an educational uplift of the clients. They are never labelled as addicts rather they are called students. It helps the clients regain their lost social prestige and they readily respond to the various stages of the rehab program.

Individual Coaching

All the students at Narconon Sunshine are given individual attention and the improvement in their behaviour is monitored individually. The complex backgrounds necessitate it to address their problems separately and devise rehab plans for them according to their actual needs.

A comprehensive rehab approach

Narconon’s holistic approach for a perfect drugs recovery is appreciated all over the world. The addicts provided here vitamins and minerals for good health instead of giving them chemicals for detoxification. Healthy activities are the part of clients’ training. They are encouraged to take part in games like football, tennis, soccer, volleyball etc. Occasional trips are arranged for physical improvement of the clients. It brings healthy behavioral changes and resistance against addictive behaviour. With these endeavors, the results are always amazing. Narconon rehab program has achieved a success rate of 76%. The recovery from drug and alcohol is guaranteed within 6 months.


The continuously uprising popularity graph of Sunshine Summit Lodge is the obvious proof of its innovatively designed rehab techniques. Since its inception, Narconon fresh start organization has produced wonderful results and hence secured a reputable position of a successful nonprofit enterprise for the benefit of suffering humanity. Narconon is always determined to go further in its efforts to make the world a drugs free place.  

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