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Fraudulent Schemes In The Name Of Drug Rehab

Fraudulent Schemes In The Name Of Drug Rehab
Drug rehabilitation is a one of the medical services provided to the masses that can prove to be both a blessing and a bane, given the number of fraudulent schemes and scams that have infiltrated this profession, which is why choosing a program that is right for you and best suited to your needs can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Some of the ways that these fake drug rehab centers are conning money from innocent participants are by billing them for unwanted tests or services or billing tests that haven’t even been carried out, like drug and urine screens to check for drug use. Then some companies have been known to misrepresent details of the services provided as well as their location and dates, and even wrongly reporting the results of the tests or other diagnostic procedures, or ordering unnecessary follow up drug and urine screens more often than required. Another avenue for corruption involves the unnecessary prescription of standard drugs including painkillers and anti-depressants.

Unbundling is a process by which some companies have been known to charge customers for a package deal that includes a number of procedures at a discounted rate, which when billed separately for each item can cost the participant more than three times the amount advertised.

Since the definition of Drug free remains quite ambivalent, it is potentially easy to promise a clean slate without mentioning the terms under which the promise is kept, thereby niftily hiding between the lines of fine print. Measuring progress in this regard is therefore quite subjective and whether the program expects its participants to keep attending as a measure of success, or being regular in taking their relevant medicine or even just completing the duration of the program, the arena is fraught with possibilities of skullduggery.

Some rehab programs with more long term goals in mind may consider the abstinence of the participant from drugs after graduating from the program and returning to their homes as a successful outcome, as it might be a psychologically traumatic struggle having to dissociate the memories of their drug abuse linked to their past lives. Even more objective analytical measure of success would be the return of the participant to their usual productive lives that once formed their everyday routine before they started using.

Narconon Fresh Start is a renowned non-profit drug rehabilitation program that has been in the business of delivering health care and treatment for the past forty years or so to the people who’ve fallen prey to the hazards of drug abuse. Narconon Fresh Start produces a 76 percent success rate and promises an all-natural, drug free withdrawal or course of detoxification and supplements it with high doses of vitamins and minerals. Narconon Fresh Start innovatively devised communication skill courses help the participant learn how to communicate well and to perceive situation happening in everyday life correctly and to deal with them, as well as teaching about the ups and downs in life and ultimately, finding your way to happiness. 

Drugs Rehab Scams - Asserting Foul Is Fair

Drugs Rehab Scams - Asserting Foul Is Fair
Drugs have always posed a major threat to the well-being of the society. Drugs tend to rupture the very roots of the society, posing damage to generations after generations. The use of drugs once thought normal, now is treated like a disease. A drug addict after all is not only indulges into self-destruction but also turns to crimes like theft, robbery, fraud and sometime murder too.

The use of drugs has stirred a great deal of despair and often leads the addicts to a pit hole from where return seems to be impossible. A lot of rehabilitation centers have been set up so as to help the addicts to come out of the deep pit hole. It is impossible for the addicts to leave drugs and come back to the normal life in a day. It requires time and patience. The process is slow but experience and qualified people might help the addicts in a way such that they become healthy and sober again.

There have been a lot of rehabilitation centers which have turned out to be nothing but scams, where the addicts are mistreated and led to more destruction. These scams are responsible for a lot embarrassment; the families of the addicts have to go through. The damage done is irreplaceable and often leads to the death of addicts. The scam rehabs have developed a mafia now, and many have even been involved in drug trafficking themselves. The condition is probably much worst then it seems on the surface. The families of the addicts lend money to these rehabs and they get nothing out of it, the addicts often do not shown any improvement rather plunge themselves into the drugs even more than before. The addicts are also put in dangerous surroundings where they might cause damage to themselves or the others around them. The scams are just not doing any good and worsening their condition even more.

However, the debate can’t end here. The fault also lies on the part of people who get victim to these false drug rehab centers. They should get themselves or their dear ones in those programs that have established their credibility in society. Narconon Fresh Start for an instance can be named among the most reliable rehab program that has earned prestige as a creditable nonprofit organization. The results produced by Narconon Fresh Start are also praiseworthy. Moreover Narconon Fresh Start has a considerable history of serving people dependent on drugs.

It is really important that whenever you go finding a rehab center do it in a way that you get to know every detail about it. Narconon Fresh Start publishes the detail of its programs on its website and you can check also the Narconon Fresh Start reviews page for your satisfaction that how its clients evaluate it. Doing research about the rehabilitation programs and the center it would save you a lot from the trouble later. The research would enable you tell the authentic rehab centers apart from the scams and would obviously lead to the healthier you. It is also important to go through the previous records and also contacting those who have went to the rehab center which you are considering, this might help you not to be a victim of any scam.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal

Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal
Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation program that focuses on the philosophy of ‘scientology’ presented by L. Ron. Hubbard, that focuses on the spiritual rehabilitation of an individual as the primary means of helping them. The philosophy proposes that the cravings of an addict are nothing more than the metabolites of the drugs taken earlier that have been stored within the body inside the fatty tissues, and are then released slowly to cause the symptoms of craving and addiction that become the bane of an addict’s existence.

While other drug rehabilitation programs focus more on the use of detoxifying procedures using modern drugs and techniques, Narconon Fresh Start advertises the use of exercise as the primary means of removing the toxic waste products from the body, and then following it up with vitamin and mineral supplements in a high dosage. Then there are specific training routines that aim to teach participants to exercise control over their addiction themselves so they can return to living their lives normally. 

Drug cure plans as a general however, have been the subject of much controversy and debate among the masses, particularly because the challenge is a difficult one; to identify and prove the efficacy of a particular treatment regimen and it’s supremacy over another, as well as establishing all the variables involved in the process of drug addiction, and then proposing a cure for each. The current knowledge about all these processes is not such that can be wholly supported by science, thus leaving immense room for these fake so called ‘drug cure plans’ to come in and work their ‘magic miracles’, ridding people of their drug addictions, once and for all.

They say if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Quite similar is the case with many of these rehabilitation programs that offer lifelong recovery in just two weeks or so, which in essence are often nothing more than just simple detoxification procedures. What is required in fact is so much more, since a detoxification alone is not the answer at all, but can even trigger near-fatal episodes for an addict that has become physically dependent on the drug for survival. Such procedures should be carried out under proper medical guidance and then followed up with specific regimens that aim to alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the participant, thus helping them on the road to recovery.

Narconon Fresh Start promises a new healthy and active life to its participants, and aiming at a renewed life, it pledges to deliver such standards of care and concern that are in the best interests of the suffering patient. The treatments and regimens may not yet be proven on paper, but hundreds worldwide have tried and benefited from Narconon Fresh Start program themselves as well as recommended it to others in need, as is proved by the success rate of more than 75 percent as well as positive acclaim for satisfied recovering individuals.

Narconon Fresh Start: A Durable Recovery Plan

Narconon Fresh Start: A Durable Recovery Plan
Drug addiction remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality all over the world, and is particularly on the rise in developing countries according to a recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. However, the United States still takes the lead in boasting the largest figures, with more than 600 Billion dollars being billed to the government in terms of crime, healthcare, and losses related to decreased work productivity.

Drug addiction includes all the various commodities liable to substance abuse, like alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, heroin, cocaine and the like, which can be grouped mainly into the category of Alcohol, tobacco and drugs, each costing the government about 200 Billion dollars a year. Alcohol abuse alone is responsible for 2.5 million deaths per annum, and makes up the primary form through which many young adults become trapped in the web of addiction. 

To cater to the demands of these suffering individuals, an increasing number of drug rehabilitation centers have sprung up during the past few years that aim to restore the health and well-being of these individuals by stripping them of their addictions. However, since drug rehabilitation is not an exact science, its treatment too varies from person to person, and thus provides a sort of loophole that is liable to abuse by some of these fake programs that are nothing more than a way to con money from the poor, helpless souls who turn to them in their time of need.

The strategies used by these fake programs vary from employing ‘detox’ routines as part of their treatment and claiming them to be wholly curative, administering herbal remedies that have no proven medicinal effects, shorter rehab programs that involve a ‘magic’ cure and guarantees that the person is now indeed free from all addiction.

Then certain programs also come under fire for employing the use of many vitamins and energy supplements that have yet to be approved by the concerned drug authorities as to their effectiveness in various treatment regimens.

Narconon Fresh Start is a unique drug rehabilitation program that has been the subject of much interest by the public, with mostly mixed reviews about the authenticity and the effectiveness of its treatment protocols. 

Narconon Fresh Start program boasts of a 76% success rate, while also offering a six month guarantee during which the person can return for free if they feel that they’re still having trouble coping with their addiction. A holistic approach that centers on the mind as well as the body is employed, and the participants of Narconon Fresh Start are provided many interesting courses and healthy activities that focus on providing an alternative path of interest for enjoyment other than spiraling down again and seeking refuge in drugs and alcohol.

When choosing a drug rehabilitation program, it is wise to consider the essentials that make up any good regimen, namely a qualified staff, a good environment, and accreditation by the local medical authorities, as well as the treatment options and regimens being offered.