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Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal

Narconon Fresh Start: Aiming At a Life Renewal
Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation program that focuses on the philosophy of ‘scientology’ presented by L. Ron. Hubbard, that focuses on the spiritual rehabilitation of an individual as the primary means of helping them. The philosophy proposes that the cravings of an addict are nothing more than the metabolites of the drugs taken earlier that have been stored within the body inside the fatty tissues, and are then released slowly to cause the symptoms of craving and addiction that become the bane of an addict’s existence.

While other drug rehabilitation programs focus more on the use of detoxifying procedures using modern drugs and techniques, Narconon Fresh Start advertises the use of exercise as the primary means of removing the toxic waste products from the body, and then following it up with vitamin and mineral supplements in a high dosage. Then there are specific training routines that aim to teach participants to exercise control over their addiction themselves so they can return to living their lives normally. 

Drug cure plans as a general however, have been the subject of much controversy and debate among the masses, particularly because the challenge is a difficult one; to identify and prove the efficacy of a particular treatment regimen and it’s supremacy over another, as well as establishing all the variables involved in the process of drug addiction, and then proposing a cure for each. The current knowledge about all these processes is not such that can be wholly supported by science, thus leaving immense room for these fake so called ‘drug cure plans’ to come in and work their ‘magic miracles’, ridding people of their drug addictions, once and for all.

They say if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Quite similar is the case with many of these rehabilitation programs that offer lifelong recovery in just two weeks or so, which in essence are often nothing more than just simple detoxification procedures. What is required in fact is so much more, since a detoxification alone is not the answer at all, but can even trigger near-fatal episodes for an addict that has become physically dependent on the drug for survival. Such procedures should be carried out under proper medical guidance and then followed up with specific regimens that aim to alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the participant, thus helping them on the road to recovery.

Narconon Fresh Start promises a new healthy and active life to its participants, and aiming at a renewed life, it pledges to deliver such standards of care and concern that are in the best interests of the suffering patient. The treatments and regimens may not yet be proven on paper, but hundreds worldwide have tried and benefited from Narconon Fresh Start program themselves as well as recommended it to others in need, as is proved by the success rate of more than 75 percent as well as positive acclaim for satisfied recovering individuals.

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