Sunday, 30 June 2013

Narconon Rehab Program - The Genuine Treatment for Drug Addiction

All praise to the philanthropist, who coined the idea of an institution which helps people recover from their addiction. Over the years several such institutions have been established. They market themselves as humanitarian missions, out to make the world a better place.  However one must be careful. A lot of these institutions falsely advertise and present their rehabilitation program as the only genuine treatment.

Such rehabilitation programs are in fact nothing but a scam. With facade of a prestigious reputation and via spurious advertising, they lure their clients who probably have already suffered at the hands of society and another at such institutions. Addicts and their loved ones, become so disgruntled with their present predicament that they want the fastest possible solution. Scam rehab programs exploit this dilemma of the addicts. They precisely focus on marketing a short term complete cure.  To support their claim, they bombard you with unverified figures.  Drug abuse and rehabilitation is subject, no one wants to share their experience and none wants to admit that they need help. Knowing that people are unable to verify their claims, drug rehab programs promise outrageous results and back them with exaggerated success stories.

 Every rehab claims that their treatment is the only genuine treatment, but what they are really after is the money. These scams know, that due to societal thinking, innuendo and rumours; it is commonly believed that complete recovery is either impossible or is a very lengthy and arduous journey. So they know that addicts, who are willing to take the risk of enrolling themselves in a drug rehab program, are also willing to go get rid of the cure at any cost.  Rehab centres are also aware that relapses are a common occurrence, and the addicts have usually tried detox themselves. 

They know that most of the addicts are enrolling in a medical facility only after having tried to quit themselves. Based on this knowledge, drug rehab plans that are a scam, try to prolong the treatment. The advise and suggest several different methods simultaneously or over a stretched period. The longer your treatment the more money they swindle out of you! 

Any Rehabilitation centre, despite their intentions, promising a cure without knowing what the cure is or how to cure an addict is wrongly luring hapless addicts. Despite the bad name given to such facilities there are a couple of drug rehabilitation centres that have been successfully able to cure addicts. One of them is Narconon Fresh Start. It has recently become the preferred choice of addicts who are willing to restart their lives. Narconon’s treatment and its ideology is based on forty years of R & D. Even today Narconon Fresh Start constantly upgrades and improves upon its recovery methods.  Narconon Fresh Start is amongst the few rehabs’ that offer a comprehensive patient specific, holistic treatment plan.  

Genuine treatments exist, they may not be cheap but they are also not super expensive. Do not be fooled by promise of a posh setup or the dinginess of a smaller one. Research as much as you can on the type of treatment, the duration, and the components of the treatment plan. See if they treatment plan is similar to the ones being used in government treatment facilities.

Fake Claims of Detoxification

Ours is the epoch of stress and strain.  On the other hand, loose social restrictions have caused depravity of the youngsters. They become a victim of drug and alcohol addiction. They adopt addictive habits for relief from this stress of life and to show off but this results in their being incorrigible addicts. There emerge, as a consequence, companies in the market that are of the view that they can cure addiction within a few days using alternative drugs and herbal extracts with a 100 % guarantee. They have their fake claims of recovery which they publish with full confidence. Many of these companies are mere scams and they swindle the people very cleverly.

Fake Claims of Detoxification

These companies do not run businesses rather they enact frauds. Detoxification is a rehab technique that is used to draw out the residue of the drugs from the patients’ bodies. If these residuals are present in the body, they become a cause of cravings for taking drugs. The scam programs of these companies are well advertised but they have no back-up of successful remedy. This failure of these programs is based on some grounds. Firstly, the only use of alternative drugs and herbal extracts cannot bring any favorable results. Other things such as proper environment, exercises and therapies are also necessary. On the other hand, the patients may develop a realization of the contributory factors to their addiction and also develop knowledge to minimize these factors. 

These patients may develop an understanding of their disease and about how to control various reasons of the disease. All this can be developed in the patients through non-medicinal techniques and various courses which these scam rehabilitation companies do not offer. On the other hand, herbal extracts are also boldly advertised. They may show promising and wonderful results in other fields but in rehabilitation process, they are not so effective. Some other factors are also important in this regard. All the same, you should not be affected and moved by the tall claims of the scam companies. 

A careful look on the firms of various scales in the rehab industry will show that these scam companies and their pseudo programs are no more than new ways of becoming rich in a short run. Many of these companies are not at all accredited by any health authorities. They run their businesses under a certificate given by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

Many organizations, on the other hand, are there that work honestly and with dignity. Narconon Fresh Start is one such program that detoxifies its clients with non-medicinal methods. They use therapies, diet and sauna therapy for detoxification. Narconon Fresh Start eases the life of patients and does not go for the sale of its alternative drugs. It employs cognitive behavioral modification model and life detoxification therapy to recover the addicts into a new productive life. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews are the best evidence on the effective treatment ensured at the Narconon facilities.

You should take care of the following factors before getting enrolled with any rehab facility. The rehab program should not be too short to be believed. Their stated rate of success must be realistic. They should have a qualified and experienced staff.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Marijuana Rehab Scam

Marijuana is a plant which exhibits some psychoactive chemicals in its various parts. According to US law it is highly discouraging if someone uses Marijuana drug. The people who occasionally smoke marijuana are punished by the court and are sending to various marijuana rehab centers.  Out of total population of USA only 42% people are reported for using marijuana as a drug. The effects posed by Marijuana are negligible as compared to other drugs but despite this fact USA law arrest and punish large number of people because of using marijuana. The American’s U.S. marijuana policy is strict as it never relieves a person possessing this very habit of taking marijuana and it is considered as a big crime.

Marijuana does not pose harsh impacts on one’s health as heroine and alcohol do. People taste is as a fun and even it is very popular among teenagers in United States. Recently it has been reported that in contrast to other drugs substantial amount of population is being indulge in using marijuana but the health effects are far less than heroine and alcohol addiction. The mental disorders are rarely caused due to usage of marijuana. For instance during 1999 less than 10% people took clinical treatment who used marijuana while above 30% people were brought there for the clinical treatment for addressing tobacco addiction.

Marijuana Rehab Scam

There are strong evidences which supports the statement that marijuana is a plant upon which people rely for releasing their stress. No doubt marijuana has psychotic effects but it is not related to mental disorders. People can never lose their consciousness with the use of this drug. Some people take high potency of marijuana but it does not mean that it is life threatening dose. Similarly, we cannot call marijuana a kind of dangerous addiction because people do use marijuana occasionally and they are leading successful social life.

Netherland law is entirely opposite from USA criminal law. In Netherland the citizens above age of eighteen are allowed to purchase marijuana drugs for shops while, USA law is against its use. Interestingly, instead of having freedom of using marijuana the total number of people using marijuana are more in USA which than in Netherland.

The marijuana rehab centers are strongly criticized by people because most of the so called addicts of marijuana are those who have been left marijuana a month before getting in the rehab center. Others use marijuana but occasionally and marijuana does not harm their brains and health as alcohol does. So here questions arise that, why these rehab centers are there? What do they treat? These are basically Marijuana rehab scam centers which are wasting time and money of people by applying useless and fake treatments upon marijuana users Narconon Fresh Start.

You will find considerable population at marijuana rehab centers but most of these people belong to jail or under police custody that are brought here on the orders of USA court due to their habit of taking marijuana. Otherwise only 10% people admitted here come due to serious health or mental disorders which are aroused because of taking high dose of marijuana but still these issues are not harmful like cancer disease for which tobacco and alcohol are considered as strong risk factors. Therefore, these rehab centers are meant for nothing and these centers are only making money and are still alive just because of USA criminal law for using marijuana. Otherwise, they do nothing good for well being of mankind.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Narconon’s Drug-free Detoxification Rehabilitation Promised with Natural Means

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a rehabilitation center of Narconon Fresh Start program that helps to resolve the problems of the alcohol and drug addicted people. These clients are considered as the students of the center. They are treated by natural means. The students are then graduated after treatment from the Sunshine Summit Lodge as a normal healthy person within 3 to 4 months. Sunshine Summit Lodge has a scenic beauty and fresh air that provides healthy environment to their students. It has comfortable and pleasant Main Lodge where clients relax by playing cards and watching movies. The rehabilitation philosophy of the Narconon Fresh Start is to find out the root causes of addiction and activities related to it and resolve them.

Drug Free Detoxification Program

The drug and alcohol taken in is deposited in the cells and tissues of the body that goes to blood stream and causes anxiety, depression etc. To overcome this problem, New Life Detoxification program has been established to remove the drug residual from the addicted body and thus finishes the addicted person’s desire to take drugs. When the drug desire finishes, the patient then leads healthy and normal life. That gives him the feeling of being a productive human being of the society. The students are encouraged to take part in healthy activities that leads to their recovery soon. There are different facilities available like a weight & exercise area, Jacuzzi, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, pool, sauna, volleyball and jogging path etc. 

Holistic Treatment

This treatment is totally drug free and provides holistic approach for healing. A holistic approach is related to physical, mental and spiritual treatment with the help of natural and homeopathic means for the recovery. For holistic treatment, vitamin supplements, nutritious and delicious meals are provided three times a day to the patients.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy

After physical treatment, mental treatment of the patient starts. Supervisors are allotted to the students and they counsel their students that make them to realize their behaviors and change it. The program depends on sincerity and accountability for one’s own actions, which builds dynamic individuals with a remarkable amount of reliability guiding their decisions.

Social Interaction

The students of the Sunshine Summit Lodge are recovered by passing through different activities and hard work. During all this they also learn how to interact with and help their colleagues in different activities of the program. This social interaction helps them to learn how to build good relationships and to deal with their team members.

Solid Recovery Results

Narconon Fresh Start program is very reliable as its success rate is 76 percent. It has shown a marvelous progress in rehabilitation in last 45 years. This program ends in 3 to 4 months and 24 hours a day are given to the students that help them to recover. There is 6 months guarantee after completing the course that if the client has any problem regarding addiction, he can take part again in the program without any cost.

Sunshine Summit Lodge gives you natural means that helps to get rid of the addiction and makes the society healthy. The graduates of Narconon fresh start program are able to lead a drug-free and a positive life.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Narconon Fresh Start Graduates

Sunshine Summit Lodge is the retreat that gives the patients facilities to recover their lives from drugs in rural and natural drug free environment. The drug addicts are not considered patients rather students who are discharged as graduates from the program. This humanistic treatment makes them complete human beings in their lives.

Fresh start program

 Fresh start program is the drugs rehab program that is designed for the rehabilitation of the addicts and is conducted in Sunshine Summit Lodge. This program follows the tenets of Narconon philosophy that is based on the rules of scientology front group. These tenets do not use drug based approach to the disease and use the cognitive behavioral model of teaching and learning to raise realizations in the affected people to give up drugs and alcohol addiction.

Patients as Students

The clients are not taken as patients who should be given drugs on alternative basis to help them say goodbye to the addiction. They are taken as wholes with their feelings and emotions and their own cognitive skills. Realization of life and taking sound decisions is raised in them through behavioral cognitive model. They learn to take responsibility for their past and future lives without being sad or remorseful. Our clients pass out of the retreat as graduates and live a happy, respectable and productive life.

Programs and courses

Different programs and courses are used to mould the behavior of patients. Life detoxification program is used to eliminate the residuals of drugs from the bodies of the patients with nutrition and sauna therapy.  When the withdrawal from the effect of drugs is complete, life skills courses are introduced to develop decision-making faculty in them. Communication courses prepare them for the enhancement of the ability of the students to confront others and themselves in a positive way. Ups-and-downs in life course give the students recognition to the students of the social and anti social elements of the society and increases their ability to face and avoid bad people in their lives.

Battle plan and other options

This is a series based program in which the student prepares a plan to fight their addiction after completing the program using the knowledge and skills achieved in the program. Course supervisors and case supervisors take care of the progress of its development and review it after its making. There are various options available to the graduates after completing the program. They may live a productive and healthy home life. They may act as volunteers in the recovery of addicts. Thirdly, they may join training as interns. The internship is a valued thing for you because it gives growth opportunities in your career. It enhances your professional credentials and makes you abler in your field of work.

Sunshine Summit Lodge provides you healthy and helping environment where you will not only give up the addiction but also become lucrative and responsible citizens of the country. The graduates of Narconon fresh start program are drug-free and productive people who live a positive life.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Narconon Rehab Program - Los Angeles

Narconon Los Angeles is an excellently built treatment center that restores people dependent on drugs and alcohol use with guaranteed results. The whole premisis is fantastically built and offers an excellent therapeutic environment that offers the alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities. The location is particularly important as the addicts require calm and serene place for treatment of their physical and mental elements. The beautiful location in Los Angles acts as a sanctuary for the addicts where they find it relatively easy to keep away from the drug addiction. Narconon Fresh Start program hosted in the location provides an excellent opportunity for these drug addicts to spiritually and physically heal themselves. The substance usage weakens their vital inner organs that need healing and detoxification, but it is done without the use of drugs in Narconon program. The client’s safety, comfort and satisfaction are given thorough attention in the whole treatment process.

1. Drug Information 

The customers and their families are continuously educated about the demerits and dysfunctional behaviors caused by the drugs. It includes the information regarding all common types and drugs and the knowledge of their use and abuse enables the addicts to hate drugs. It is an important step as most of the drug addicts succumb into the habit of drug consumption only due to the disinformation about their demerits. It also prepares the customers mentally to take on the issue of drug consumption and campaign against it. Such people as observed can become good ambassadors of Narconon philosophy and anti-drug campaign after becoming Narconon Fresh Start graduates.

2. Overall Treatment

The Narconon Fresh Start program does not only aim to treat the physical human organs but also targets at the emotional traumas and spiritual aspects for treating in best possible way. The treatment consists of exercises, recreation activities, formal and informal discussions, social interactions and vitamin consumption. These activities are further sub-divided and are complete modules of programs that holistically treat the customers from all emotional hurdles as well. The Narconon drug rehab program has its high focus on the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects as these are the key points that caused drug temptation in the first place. Consumption of supplements, good diet, and vitamins also removes the traces of drugs from body that are responsible for causing repeated temptation of drug usage.

3. Ethical and Moral Improvement


The program also seeks to improve the moral and ethical behaviors of customers. For this purpose, various courses are used and many life areas are covered in these courses. The individuals are trained to eat, communicate, etc. in a formal and well mannered way. Thus, it prepares individuals for joining the social circles and community life. It in essence stops them from falling back on the drug addiction habits as they do not feel isolated and frustrated after graduating from Narconon Fresh Start program. The program therefore, is designed and conducted to improve the physical and mental health of individuals while also integrating the essential traits of leading a happy social life.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Drug-free Holistic Treatment

A Drug-free Holistic Treatment

Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in the beautiful and serene location. It is the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with excellent support and cure facilities provided to the drug addicts. The center already has helped thousands of people in improving their lives in one way or another. The facilities provided at Sunshine Summit Lodge are excellent in quality and enable individuals to learn the traits of goodness too, as they are getting cured of the addiction. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews is one of the most successful programs run at the center. It adopts holistic drug treatment approach on the whole to achieve its objective of rehabilitate people, dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Narconon Fresh Start: Origin & Expansion

Narconon Fresh Start was started by Mr. William Benitez in the year 1966. It began Arizona state prison where he got impressed by practical betterment approach of a renowned author. The motivation behind this program was to enable individuals to acquire their lost self esteem, position and confidence that they have lost due to drug addiction.

The personal value, responsibility and integrity was sought to be improved by the program. After getting out of the prison Mr. Benitez thought of expanding his program out of the prison and helping more people through his endeavors. Therefore, he moved to California and established an organization known as the ‘Narconon Organization’ to help out the individuals. First program started in Los Angles and over the years it expanded and improved to form the centers known as the ‘Narconon Fresh Start Drug Rehabilitation and Education Centers’. 

Holistic Treatment

The holistic treatment seeks to provide an overall improvement to the drug addicts’ lives. They are provided with excellent facilities and are highly motivated to join the activities for helping and volunteering also. The treatment provides an excellent group of cure medicines and supporting food supplements that help the individuals gain maximum health benefits. The food supplements and healthy diet are absolutely vital for overall health improvement and cure of liver, stomach and other organs that are damaged due to drug and alcohol intake. In addition, good education sessions are also held with the drug addicts so that they can gain maximum knowledge from the qualified subject experts, psychologists and doctors.

Education & Life Skill Courses 

The education and life skill course of Narconon Fresh Start helps the clients to know serious consequences of the drug intake and prevents them from slipping again into the drug addiction, after they complete the program. On a general level it also prepares them as ambassadors of the Narconon’s program as this education is passed to other individuals also as these people mix with the outside world and community.

Recreational & Social Activities

The clients are provided with games, sports and other recreation facilities also to enable diversion from the addiction’s fallout affects. These individuals are also actively engaged in community service activities so that they learn the value and preciousness of life through small acts of kindness. It also helps them convert into better human beings and community members as a whole.