Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Narconon’s Drug-free Detoxification Rehabilitation Promised with Natural Means

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a rehabilitation center of Narconon Fresh Start program that helps to resolve the problems of the alcohol and drug addicted people. These clients are considered as the students of the center. They are treated by natural means. The students are then graduated after treatment from the Sunshine Summit Lodge as a normal healthy person within 3 to 4 months. Sunshine Summit Lodge has a scenic beauty and fresh air that provides healthy environment to their students. It has comfortable and pleasant Main Lodge where clients relax by playing cards and watching movies. The rehabilitation philosophy of the Narconon Fresh Start is to find out the root causes of addiction and activities related to it and resolve them.

Drug Free Detoxification Program

The drug and alcohol taken in is deposited in the cells and tissues of the body that goes to blood stream and causes anxiety, depression etc. To overcome this problem, New Life Detoxification program has been established to remove the drug residual from the addicted body and thus finishes the addicted person’s desire to take drugs. When the drug desire finishes, the patient then leads healthy and normal life. That gives him the feeling of being a productive human being of the society. The students are encouraged to take part in healthy activities that leads to their recovery soon. There are different facilities available like a weight & exercise area, Jacuzzi, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, pool, sauna, volleyball and jogging path etc. 

Holistic Treatment

This treatment is totally drug free and provides holistic approach for healing. A holistic approach is related to physical, mental and spiritual treatment with the help of natural and homeopathic means for the recovery. For holistic treatment, vitamin supplements, nutritious and delicious meals are provided three times a day to the patients.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy

After physical treatment, mental treatment of the patient starts. Supervisors are allotted to the students and they counsel their students that make them to realize their behaviors and change it. The program depends on sincerity and accountability for one’s own actions, which builds dynamic individuals with a remarkable amount of reliability guiding their decisions.

Social Interaction

The students of the Sunshine Summit Lodge are recovered by passing through different activities and hard work. During all this they also learn how to interact with and help their colleagues in different activities of the program. This social interaction helps them to learn how to build good relationships and to deal with their team members.

Solid Recovery Results

Narconon Fresh Start program is very reliable as its success rate is 76 percent. It has shown a marvelous progress in rehabilitation in last 45 years. This program ends in 3 to 4 months and 24 hours a day are given to the students that help them to recover. There is 6 months guarantee after completing the course that if the client has any problem regarding addiction, he can take part again in the program without any cost.

Sunshine Summit Lodge gives you natural means that helps to get rid of the addiction and makes the society healthy. The graduates of Narconon fresh start program are able to lead a drug-free and a positive life.

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