Monday, 24 June 2013

Marijuana Rehab Scam

Marijuana is a plant which exhibits some psychoactive chemicals in its various parts. According to US law it is highly discouraging if someone uses Marijuana drug. The people who occasionally smoke marijuana are punished by the court and are sending to various marijuana rehab centers.  Out of total population of USA only 42% people are reported for using marijuana as a drug. The effects posed by Marijuana are negligible as compared to other drugs but despite this fact USA law arrest and punish large number of people because of using marijuana. The American’s U.S. marijuana policy is strict as it never relieves a person possessing this very habit of taking marijuana and it is considered as a big crime.

Marijuana does not pose harsh impacts on one’s health as heroine and alcohol do. People taste is as a fun and even it is very popular among teenagers in United States. Recently it has been reported that in contrast to other drugs substantial amount of population is being indulge in using marijuana but the health effects are far less than heroine and alcohol addiction. The mental disorders are rarely caused due to usage of marijuana. For instance during 1999 less than 10% people took clinical treatment who used marijuana while above 30% people were brought there for the clinical treatment for addressing tobacco addiction.

Marijuana Rehab Scam

There are strong evidences which supports the statement that marijuana is a plant upon which people rely for releasing their stress. No doubt marijuana has psychotic effects but it is not related to mental disorders. People can never lose their consciousness with the use of this drug. Some people take high potency of marijuana but it does not mean that it is life threatening dose. Similarly, we cannot call marijuana a kind of dangerous addiction because people do use marijuana occasionally and they are leading successful social life.

Netherland law is entirely opposite from USA criminal law. In Netherland the citizens above age of eighteen are allowed to purchase marijuana drugs for shops while, USA law is against its use. Interestingly, instead of having freedom of using marijuana the total number of people using marijuana are more in USA which than in Netherland.

The marijuana rehab centers are strongly criticized by people because most of the so called addicts of marijuana are those who have been left marijuana a month before getting in the rehab center. Others use marijuana but occasionally and marijuana does not harm their brains and health as alcohol does. So here questions arise that, why these rehab centers are there? What do they treat? These are basically Marijuana rehab scam centers which are wasting time and money of people by applying useless and fake treatments upon marijuana users Narconon Fresh Start.

You will find considerable population at marijuana rehab centers but most of these people belong to jail or under police custody that are brought here on the orders of USA court due to their habit of taking marijuana. Otherwise only 10% people admitted here come due to serious health or mental disorders which are aroused because of taking high dose of marijuana but still these issues are not harmful like cancer disease for which tobacco and alcohol are considered as strong risk factors. Therefore, these rehab centers are meant for nothing and these centers are only making money and are still alive just because of USA criminal law for using marijuana. Otherwise, they do nothing good for well being of mankind.


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