Sunday, 30 June 2013

Narconon Rehab Program - The Genuine Treatment for Drug Addiction

All praise to the philanthropist, who coined the idea of an institution which helps people recover from their addiction. Over the years several such institutions have been established. They market themselves as humanitarian missions, out to make the world a better place.  However one must be careful. A lot of these institutions falsely advertise and present their rehabilitation program as the only genuine treatment.

Such rehabilitation programs are in fact nothing but a scam. With facade of a prestigious reputation and via spurious advertising, they lure their clients who probably have already suffered at the hands of society and another at such institutions. Addicts and their loved ones, become so disgruntled with their present predicament that they want the fastest possible solution. Scam rehab programs exploit this dilemma of the addicts. They precisely focus on marketing a short term complete cure.  To support their claim, they bombard you with unverified figures.  Drug abuse and rehabilitation is subject, no one wants to share their experience and none wants to admit that they need help. Knowing that people are unable to verify their claims, drug rehab programs promise outrageous results and back them with exaggerated success stories.

 Every rehab claims that their treatment is the only genuine treatment, but what they are really after is the money. These scams know, that due to societal thinking, innuendo and rumours; it is commonly believed that complete recovery is either impossible or is a very lengthy and arduous journey. So they know that addicts, who are willing to take the risk of enrolling themselves in a drug rehab program, are also willing to go get rid of the cure at any cost.  Rehab centres are also aware that relapses are a common occurrence, and the addicts have usually tried detox themselves. 

They know that most of the addicts are enrolling in a medical facility only after having tried to quit themselves. Based on this knowledge, drug rehab plans that are a scam, try to prolong the treatment. The advise and suggest several different methods simultaneously or over a stretched period. The longer your treatment the more money they swindle out of you! 

Any Rehabilitation centre, despite their intentions, promising a cure without knowing what the cure is or how to cure an addict is wrongly luring hapless addicts. Despite the bad name given to such facilities there are a couple of drug rehabilitation centres that have been successfully able to cure addicts. One of them is Narconon Fresh Start. It has recently become the preferred choice of addicts who are willing to restart their lives. Narconon’s treatment and its ideology is based on forty years of R & D. Even today Narconon Fresh Start constantly upgrades and improves upon its recovery methods.  Narconon Fresh Start is amongst the few rehabs’ that offer a comprehensive patient specific, holistic treatment plan.  

Genuine treatments exist, they may not be cheap but they are also not super expensive. Do not be fooled by promise of a posh setup or the dinginess of a smaller one. Research as much as you can on the type of treatment, the duration, and the components of the treatment plan. See if they treatment plan is similar to the ones being used in government treatment facilities.

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