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Drug-free Holistic Treatment

A Drug-free Holistic Treatment

Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in the beautiful and serene location. It is the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with excellent support and cure facilities provided to the drug addicts. The center already has helped thousands of people in improving their lives in one way or another. The facilities provided at Sunshine Summit Lodge are excellent in quality and enable individuals to learn the traits of goodness too, as they are getting cured of the addiction. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews is one of the most successful programs run at the center. It adopts holistic drug treatment approach on the whole to achieve its objective of rehabilitate people, dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Narconon Fresh Start: Origin & Expansion

Narconon Fresh Start was started by Mr. William Benitez in the year 1966. It began Arizona state prison where he got impressed by practical betterment approach of a renowned author. The motivation behind this program was to enable individuals to acquire their lost self esteem, position and confidence that they have lost due to drug addiction.

The personal value, responsibility and integrity was sought to be improved by the program. After getting out of the prison Mr. Benitez thought of expanding his program out of the prison and helping more people through his endeavors. Therefore, he moved to California and established an organization known as the ‘Narconon Organization’ to help out the individuals. First program started in Los Angles and over the years it expanded and improved to form the centers known as the ‘Narconon Fresh Start Drug Rehabilitation and Education Centers’. 

Holistic Treatment

The holistic treatment seeks to provide an overall improvement to the drug addicts’ lives. They are provided with excellent facilities and are highly motivated to join the activities for helping and volunteering also. The treatment provides an excellent group of cure medicines and supporting food supplements that help the individuals gain maximum health benefits. The food supplements and healthy diet are absolutely vital for overall health improvement and cure of liver, stomach and other organs that are damaged due to drug and alcohol intake. In addition, good education sessions are also held with the drug addicts so that they can gain maximum knowledge from the qualified subject experts, psychologists and doctors.

Education & Life Skill Courses 

The education and life skill course of Narconon Fresh Start helps the clients to know serious consequences of the drug intake and prevents them from slipping again into the drug addiction, after they complete the program. On a general level it also prepares them as ambassadors of the Narconon’s program as this education is passed to other individuals also as these people mix with the outside world and community.

Recreational & Social Activities

The clients are provided with games, sports and other recreation facilities also to enable diversion from the addiction’s fallout affects. These individuals are also actively engaged in community service activities so that they learn the value and preciousness of life through small acts of kindness. It also helps them convert into better human beings and community members as a whole.

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