Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Narconon Fresh Start Graduates

Sunshine Summit Lodge is the retreat that gives the patients facilities to recover their lives from drugs in rural and natural drug free environment. The drug addicts are not considered patients rather students who are discharged as graduates from the program. This humanistic treatment makes them complete human beings in their lives.

Fresh start program

 Fresh start program is the drugs rehab program that is designed for the rehabilitation of the addicts and is conducted in Sunshine Summit Lodge. This program follows the tenets of Narconon philosophy that is based on the rules of scientology front group. These tenets do not use drug based approach to the disease and use the cognitive behavioral model of teaching and learning to raise realizations in the affected people to give up drugs and alcohol addiction.

Patients as Students

The clients are not taken as patients who should be given drugs on alternative basis to help them say goodbye to the addiction. They are taken as wholes with their feelings and emotions and their own cognitive skills. Realization of life and taking sound decisions is raised in them through behavioral cognitive model. They learn to take responsibility for their past and future lives without being sad or remorseful. Our clients pass out of the retreat as graduates and live a happy, respectable and productive life.

Programs and courses

Different programs and courses are used to mould the behavior of patients. Life detoxification program is used to eliminate the residuals of drugs from the bodies of the patients with nutrition and sauna therapy.  When the withdrawal from the effect of drugs is complete, life skills courses are introduced to develop decision-making faculty in them. Communication courses prepare them for the enhancement of the ability of the students to confront others and themselves in a positive way. Ups-and-downs in life course give the students recognition to the students of the social and anti social elements of the society and increases their ability to face and avoid bad people in their lives.

Battle plan and other options

This is a series based program in which the student prepares a plan to fight their addiction after completing the program using the knowledge and skills achieved in the program. Course supervisors and case supervisors take care of the progress of its development and review it after its making. There are various options available to the graduates after completing the program. They may live a productive and healthy home life. They may act as volunteers in the recovery of addicts. Thirdly, they may join training as interns. The internship is a valued thing for you because it gives growth opportunities in your career. It enhances your professional credentials and makes you abler in your field of work.

Sunshine Summit Lodge provides you healthy and helping environment where you will not only give up the addiction but also become lucrative and responsible citizens of the country. The graduates of Narconon fresh start program are drug-free and productive people who live a positive life.

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