Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fake Claims of Detoxification

Ours is the epoch of stress and strain.  On the other hand, loose social restrictions have caused depravity of the youngsters. They become a victim of drug and alcohol addiction. They adopt addictive habits for relief from this stress of life and to show off but this results in their being incorrigible addicts. There emerge, as a consequence, companies in the market that are of the view that they can cure addiction within a few days using alternative drugs and herbal extracts with a 100 % guarantee. They have their fake claims of recovery which they publish with full confidence. Many of these companies are mere scams and they swindle the people very cleverly.

Fake Claims of Detoxification

These companies do not run businesses rather they enact frauds. Detoxification is a rehab technique that is used to draw out the residue of the drugs from the patients’ bodies. If these residuals are present in the body, they become a cause of cravings for taking drugs. The scam programs of these companies are well advertised but they have no back-up of successful remedy. This failure of these programs is based on some grounds. Firstly, the only use of alternative drugs and herbal extracts cannot bring any favorable results. Other things such as proper environment, exercises and therapies are also necessary. On the other hand, the patients may develop a realization of the contributory factors to their addiction and also develop knowledge to minimize these factors. 

These patients may develop an understanding of their disease and about how to control various reasons of the disease. All this can be developed in the patients through non-medicinal techniques and various courses which these scam rehabilitation companies do not offer. On the other hand, herbal extracts are also boldly advertised. They may show promising and wonderful results in other fields but in rehabilitation process, they are not so effective. Some other factors are also important in this regard. All the same, you should not be affected and moved by the tall claims of the scam companies. 

A careful look on the firms of various scales in the rehab industry will show that these scam companies and their pseudo programs are no more than new ways of becoming rich in a short run. Many of these companies are not at all accredited by any health authorities. They run their businesses under a certificate given by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

Many organizations, on the other hand, are there that work honestly and with dignity. Narconon Fresh Start is one such program that detoxifies its clients with non-medicinal methods. They use therapies, diet and sauna therapy for detoxification. Narconon Fresh Start eases the life of patients and does not go for the sale of its alternative drugs. It employs cognitive behavioral modification model and life detoxification therapy to recover the addicts into a new productive life. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews are the best evidence on the effective treatment ensured at the Narconon facilities.

You should take care of the following factors before getting enrolled with any rehab facility. The rehab program should not be too short to be believed. Their stated rate of success must be realistic. They should have a qualified and experienced staff.

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