Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A Drug Rehab Plan that you can Absolutely Trust

Addiction is a situation when a person doesn’t have any control on his own activities and it usually happens to drug addicts. Drug addiction is a serious threat to the society and the person himself so it needs to be treated with extra care. Sunshine Summit Lodge is the only drug rehab which can provide excellent rehabilitation services. These services include a complete rejuvenation therapy for drug addicts. Along with the unique approach of ignoring the disease model for rehabilitation Narconon Sunshine also focuses on cognitive training. As a result of all these outstanding strategies Sunshine enjoys huge success rate. This success rate is also a symbol of their reliability.

Effective therapy with a unique approach

The rehabilitation procedures at the Lodge are not based on the typical diseased model. It means that addicts are not treated as patients at this outstanding drug rehab. In fact they are considered as students and their attitudes or behaviors need to be transformed. This transformation is actually rehabilitation of all kinds of drug addiction. Similarly when any client of Sunshine completes the rehabilitation process, he will be called as a graduate. This approach towards rehabilitating drug addiction is definitely a unique one.

Comprehensive drug purification plan

When a person starts taking drugs then after some time it became a permanent part of their body. These drug remains in the body are known as drug metabolites. They are the reason for an unstoppable thirst for drugs. These drug metabolites force a person to continue drugs and weakens the will power. To excavate drugs completely from the clients of Sunshine Summit Lodge, a comprehensive drug purification plan is followed. With the help of necessary medication and cognitive treatments these drug remains are thrown out from the bodies of patients. Consequently, leaving drugs became much easier for the Narconon family. This effective treatment plan makes Sunshine better than other rehabilitation centers.

Elevated success rates

Narconon Fresh Start is one of the few drug rehabs of the worlds in which patients can feel full satisfaction about their rehabilitation. The success rate of rehabilitation at Sunshine is 76% which is something extraordinary. The drug rehabilitation treatments are so unpredictable that it is impossible to assess the success rate. In case of patients can make an intelligent guess about their rate of rehabilitation from the past success stories of this outstanding rehab.


Sunshine Summit Lodge has been achieving success due to its exclusive strategies towards drug rehabilitation. Their paramount quality services make it possible for everyone to leave drugs and live a normal happy life again. Drug rehabilitation is just like giving someone a new life since drug addicts leave everything and take drugs all their lives. They lose their senses, business, success, healthy life and respect from others. Rehabilitating someone actually means returning him all these luxuries of life. At Sunshine professionals are performing this humanitarian activity very effectively. So it’s a great opportunity for all those patients who want to get rid of drug addiction. There wouldn’t be a more suitable place for drug rehabilitation other than Narconon Sunshine.

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