Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - An Effective Cure Plan from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse has destructive effects on health, family life and on community. Many organizations are active to control this disorder and Narconon is determined to achieve this goal. For the treatment of alcohol addiction, Narconon Fresh Start is one of the most eminent and successful drug rehabilitation programs that have gained much appreciation for its effectiveness. Narconon alcoholic rehabilitation centers work with holistic drug free detoxification along with the cognitive behavioral theory and socialization. Narconon centers ensures 76% success rate with 6 months guarantee.

Nurturing and Supportive Environment

Environment plays a key role in addiction treatment and our professional team is helping people by promoting values that include acceptance, discovery, empowerment and hope. Narconon provides healing and supportive environment to all its clients with guarantee packages. Friendly atmosphere motivates people to overcome their urge for substance use and engage themselves into healthier activities.

Self-empowering Recovery

The best thing about Narconon Fresh Start treatment program is its effectiveness and unique methodology that distinguishes it from other alcoholic rehabs. Comprehensive treatment is provided with self-empowering practical recovery and its life skill courses and various healthier techniques help people to overcome their drug addiction in a quite natural way.

Effective Withdrawal Therapy

The ultimate goal of drug withdrawal therapy is to stop taking alcohol and drugs as quickly as possible. This detoxification process involves safely reducing of alcohol and drugs and preventing its side effects. S Depressants, stimulants and all kinds of drugs and alcohols are affectively treated by withdrawal therapy offered at Narconon facilities. The clients are provided with so many engaging activities that help them divert their attention from substance use and take interest in normal routine of life.

Stable Recovery Leads to Sobriety

In the beginning, when an addict starts the treatment program, he is emotionally disturbed. At that stage, addicts are counseled by professional staff in order to maintain emotional sobriety.  When the body of addicts gets used to a dugs free life, then it is easy to recover quickly and safely. The clients at Narconon are also offered after treatment care and education to maintain their recovery.

Extensive Therapeutic Techniques

The holistic program of Narconon Fresh Start mainly consists of life skill training courses like yoga exercises, meditation, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and other effective techniques. The purpose of all these activities is to motivate the patient towards normal life settings in a natural way without being dependent on medicines & drugs. Trained professional staff manually revises these techniques to maintain higher success ratio.


Narconon is nonprofit organization that is remarkably active to abolish drugs and alcohols from the society. There are over 100 Narconon centers worldwide providing drug free solution to more than thousands people every year. Each center has its own special training courses and activities depending upon the response and needs of clients. Treatment methodology of each locality is unique with excellent trained staff and clean environment.

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