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Narconon: The Best Answer to Substance Use

Narconon: The Best Answer to Substance Use
The problems of world communities are increasing with the changes in social structure, mafias’ emergence and various other factors. The drug mafias and drug rackets are now becoming very strong in various parts of the globe and due to their strength they are making production and provision of drugs much easier. As a result the society members can now obtain drugs at a really low cost and from many sources. This has increased the number of drug and alcohol addicts as the drugs get consumed.

The social structures have been damaged and irreversibly harmed in various households and families in all the continents. For searching out effective solution of this problem, Narconon Fresh Start program was initiated 45 years ago. The program has cured hundreds and thousands of patients from drug addiction and has 76% of success rate. The program is not only based on curing the physical problems but also targets the mental issues that may lead to will power and strength to fight against the addiction. Narconon Fresh Start follows a comprehensive rehab plan that aims at rehabilitating the clients individually, focusing their particular backgrounds and reason to go for drugs and alcohol.

1.    Learning Improvement Course

With the passage of time and due to prolonged drug addiction the human brain gets weak. The power of learning and understanding is thus negatively affected. The Narconon Fresh Start program hosts an excellent program to help the patients regain their learning capabilities. The patients are thus taught to learn and reason more effectively through drills and the personal issues are also targeted in this regard.

2.    Personal Values and Integrity Course

The course is intended to teach the students about taking responsibility of their past actions and making the future improvements. The burdens of guilt, regret and blame are thus tackled very effectively on a personal level. It is done to provide the patients with much needed peace of mind. As it is observed and reported in a number of studies, the past life grudges, breakups, loved ones lost, etc. are some of the major reasons why a human succumbs into the addiction habit in the first place. The moral values, integrity and personal ethics are thus taught to the patients so that they can overcome any problems and mental hitches and get on with the life. All this exercise is done to make the patients mentally stronger and more amenable to the recovery activities. The will power is thus improved manifolds by forgetting the personal problems and overcoming mental burdens.

3.    Life Skills Courses

The Narconon Fresh Start program also has an excellent set of life skills courses to educate the patients beyond personal problems and mental hitches. The various causes of problems are targeted directly and the vital skills and courses are offered to do this. Many supervisors oversee and give directions in the like skills courses that would improve the aspect of individual programs for everyone. All the patients are individually looked after and monitored for any problems and the courses that best fit their needs are offered to them.

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